Ordered my hood today....woot!!

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  1. Dude, if you can't handle alittle innocent, and none personal critisizim then don't post for opinions.

    AGAIN, stop bringing up my brothers car, thats over with, get over it dude. I'm talking about your hood, not his car and how it affects the anything.

    I'm not contradicting myself either, if you had read it right the first time I stated exactly how I felt about the 00R. "It's the ugliest mustang I've ever seen" therefore I dislike GT guys who put it's parts (especially the front bumper or any other part which doesn't serve a purpose) on their cars.

    This is nothing personal, and it never has been, but as far as my OPINION goes..

    Visual 00R parts on a GT is embarassing, especially the snow plow front bumper.
  2. Who said I wasn't handling criticism. All I was saying was that you need to be consistent with your "opinions," in which you weren't.

    Why should I? I'm not ragging on it, I'm using it as a reference.

    How does the front bumper not serve a purpose? You can easily make the open ducts funtional by routing tubing to cool the brake rotors. Same with hood.

    See my previous post.

    How can they be merely "visible" if they're functional?
  3. On your almost stock gt, you do not need to cool the rotors, thats a total ricer comment bro. Seriously..

    Unless youre gaining HP through a ram air situation, that hood is not functional.
  4. How do you know the type of driving I do, what my car is used for, or if I auto-x or road race? You don't, so don't ASSUME that you do. Cooling the rotors by venting air through the front bumper ducts is in no way rice. For one, you can barely see the ducting (if at all unless you're standing if front of the car), and two, it provides a geniune benefit to performance.

    And YES, the hood IS functional IF you vent the engine compartment air to remove heat. :rolleyes:

    Bro, you're almost as bad as Rickey_Bobby is. :notnice: Your arguments lose more and more merit by the minute.
  5. Simple fact is, it's an ugly hood, serves no *real* function.. and I'm glad I wont waste my money on it.

    Thats all.
  6. about cooling the rotors...if you do auto X or anything, yes, sometimes you DO need to.
  7. my brakes fade completely out from 160-70. i coudl really use cooling help. so i figure anyone else can also. to add performance is not ricing. to call adding performance parts that ford used itself ricing, is rediculous.
  8. Does everything we buy for our cars serve a "real" function? Does your stock hood serve a real function? Thats a super weak point....only thing you have is that in your opinion its ugly.

    Am I right or am I right? :shrug:
  9. your defineately not right.
  10. LOL jesus multiple arguments and tempers flairing. ray, hotmustang, will, and san man. DAAAMN guys.
    all of you chill the F out and do as the srt bloody-abercrombie shirt does..... smoke a blunt! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    hellz yea.

    to all of you.....san-man do you realize you're just resorting to eveyone elses tactics? everyone one has an opinion. nothing anyone says to you about the hood is going to make you believe its ugly....same goes for will...NOTHing san-man says will change his mind. its worthless at this point and as a mod you (san=man) should take the higher ground dude.
  11. cant everyone just get along lol
  12. :scratch:

  13. :lol: I started to type EXACTLY what you just said about an hour ago....but got a few lines in and decided it want my place to call anyone out. San~man isnt incompetent, he knows what hes doing....lets let him decide when enoughs enough.

    I think the only one really POd here is Will...im almost laughing reading down this thread watching San~man own Will in like every post. And I throw in a few penneys every once in a while :D
  14. I'm not upset in the slightest. I think it's really funny how I don't like your hood and you take it personal. It's the ugliest peice of **** hood you could have bought IMO. It looks like a bubble with vents... who only god knows will actually be vented to "release" warm air that your tiny v8 produces.

    I never once said that in certain situations you don't need your rotors cooled, but 95% of the people with the 00R front bumper get it for show, that is hilarious.

    The city could save money and just use those who have bought this product from ford to plow the snow.

    As far as the comment goes about "owning" everything I type.. its all perspective really. Obviously, it's all a matter of which side you look at it.

    I think it's an ugly hood, and you bring up my brothers car. Interesting. I think it's classified as rice under your terms from that thread you closed... what was it you said..? I think it was "a tasteless mod with no function"..

    Your hood is a ricer hood then. Releasing air is not a "function". If that were the case, carbon fiber wiper blades reduce grams of weight, they arent ricer.. so on and so on.

    I hope you love your hood, I just hope I never have to see a GT riding around here with one.
  15. hotmustang331 is a homo!:)
  16. ^X2 :rlaugh:

  17. Oh bother.

    Will, no one is saying you can't have an opinion, san is simply debunking your "rice" comment. It's functional, it serves a purpose, it's not rice.
  18. Suck my balls Johnny. Suck em long, suck em hard.
  19. Is Jason still asleep?
  20. No, I'm debating a point. If I feel I'm someone isn't right, I'll debate it until I fall over dead.

    Will is granted his opinion about the hood, which he doesn't like. If you don't like it, you don't like it. That's perfectly fine. What's not fine is when he (or anyone else) begins to contradict himself (themself) by saying the hood is "rice" and w/e and trying to back up those statements with moot points. That's when I step in and begin to break down what he (or anyone else) says and show him he isn't making sense.

    I'll do that to him or anyone else who brings up a point/makes a statement/ or w/e and then can't back up what they say with cold, hard facts or if they're just plain wrong. Isn't that part of my "job" here, to bring out the truth or correct facts?