Ordered my hood today....woot!!

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  1. Thank goodness someone sees the light.
  2. Neither am I, for about the FIFTH time. You are obviously lacking in the reading comprehension department. I don't take anything over the internet personal, I'm only debating the senseless, factless points you keep bringing up over and over again.

    Let me quote your previous post, since you can't remember that far back:

    I don't have that bumper so I don't really care what you say about it, but that's really a childish comment you made.

    Like I said, if you think it's ugly, that's fine. But leave it at that and no one, including me, can say anything otherwise because that's your OPINION. It's when you start to try and make yourself look smarter than everyone else that we all chime in and point out the errors in your statements.

    I keep bring up the THREAD, not his car, due to the numerous inconsistencies in the facts you try to present to everyone. Get over it already. I gave my opinion about his car, and left it at that. YOU keep revisiting the car, not me.

    Maybe you should look up the definition of "function" or "functional" in a dictionary, and then you'll possibly see that "functional" means:

    (Adjective) Of, or pertaining to, a function. If you don't consider releasing heat a "function," then we can't help you and you'll never understand any point of view other than yours. Too bad.

    So if we're using analogys then, is ceramic coating "rice?" According to you it would be. It essentially keeps heat "in," versus letting heat "out" (vent), so then it's rice, right? How about changing your rims, is that rice too? If you don't increase the rim width, it serves no function (according to you) so then it's rice? So, you changed your rim on your car, so that's rice too? What, then do tell us, is YOUR definition of "function?" This I gotta hear...

    I will, most definately, as will about 99.9% of the members here. You Sir, are that 0.1% that won't.
  3. Calling a comment I make childish, saying I lack reading comprehension.. tell me I must not be able to remember far enough back..

    Those are personal attacks, and honestly I'm fed up with you and your know it all way.

    You keep talking about inconsistancy, and I havent once wavered. Inconsistancy if when you define rice, and buy a rice mod (your hood, defined by YOU is rice.)

    You said it yourself that a a tasteless mod with no function is rice, Your hood is total rice, by your own definition. Now thats inconsisitant, and you'll eat your own words.

    And again, you can calm down with the personal insults, it's really not that serious. Calling someone childish is personal, which you yourself say is over the line. Also saying someone lacks reading comprehension is also a personal thing.. and as far as I'm concerned, you've contradicted yourself about my whole arguement.

    "Rice is anything that is tasteless and serves no funtion"

    That was typed right off of your fingers, yet... you tell me your hood is not rice? please.

    By your own definition, you have a ricer hood.

    By your definition of rice, green washer nosels are not rice, chrome wiper blades are not rice.. and so on and so on, I could go on all day.

    I know what functional means, and as far as I'm concerned, releasing heat from your engine bay on a car not built for racing is RICE.

    It's exactly the same thing as putting a tower wing on the back of your civic.. you don't need it but it's for LOOKS.

    Thats ricer.
  4. Are you fn kidding me???? If that's the case then the stock GT hood is rice, thus all Mustang GT owners are ricers. Hell, I guess 03 Cobras, 07 Shelbys, LS2 GTOs, etc. are rice too since they're not exactly built for racing. :rolleyes:

    I think too many ppl forget rice comes from attitude FIRST.

    This whole debate is childish bs and a waste of bandwidth.
  5. You obviously don't get it and will never get it, will you?

    You are the one who continues to contradict yourself, and everyone can see it but you. What a waste that you can't see your error or you just plain out deny it. Denial is a bad charateristic btw.

    And to tell you that you lack reading comprehension is an observation, not a personal attack. Calling what you said "childish" is that, an observation on what you wrote. Calling what you said childish is a remark and observation, but calling you childish could be construed as a personal attack if you want to make it one. Calling you a ****ing IDIOT would be a personal attack, but I know better than that. Were I not a mod, I would surely make a few personal attacks against you and risk banning for a week just to let you know how I really feel. Too bad I have to bite my tongue.

    Now, you make a conditional statement and one that involves pure opinion rather than a statement made by definition. So, let me get this right: Now you're saying that only a "race car" can have a functional hood? My god, you keep digging your hole deeper and deeper.

    So, an 07' Z-06 that has a FUNCTIONAL ram air hood is rice then, right? It's not a "RACE CAR," which like stated, so then it's rice? The Z-06 isn't built for racing, it's a commuter car, so it's rice? So the side air intake scoops on a Lambo Murcielago that open with speed to aide in cooling is rice? The Lambo isn't a race car either. How about the Porsche's 911's rear wing, the one that moves with speed? The 911 isn't a race car, so that's rice too? Do I need to go on? Haha, you just keep giving me ammo for my argument don't you?

    And, if you're "fed up" with me, why do you keep coming back? Just leave and go elsewhere if you're so unhappy. If you're "fed up" with me, then you are obviously taking things personal, or you wouldn't be getting angry over our debate. Or, maybe you're angry because you're losing the debate? That's a possibilty now isn't it?

    I'm done with you and I don't feel I need to address you any further. I'll save the bandwidth for people who deserve it.

    Sorry to all the other members who feel my debate was pointless, but like I said I'll debate something to the end of time if I feel it isn't correct.
  6. Seriously Will STFU. :mad: I wasn’t going to say any thing but I have been keeping an eye on this thread and you make yourself sound dumber and dumber every post. What this all boils down to is your butt hurt over these guys calling your brother’s Celica rice (which it is), so now you have to resort to calling the hood and bumper rice. If you don’t like it fine but it surely isn’t rice; rice is lambo doors and large wings on a front wheel drive cars. And as 02Laser said, in your point our stock hoods are rice and also what about our rear spoilers. Plus if not releasing hot air from the engine isn’t functional I don’t know what is. I know on our Shelby I can see the heat coming out of the vents and I want to get a Cobra R hood or a cowl hood for my car because my engine gets extremely hot after hard driving. I guess your KB is rice too because forcing air into the engine doesn’t serve a function either right?
  7. This thread is getting a little off subject!

    San-man your hood is Badass. Willdumbeast is just trying to get you back from calling his brothers car rice lol But it seems he is the one getting owned!
  8. I dont have enough time to keep up with all this, so I hope you like your hood.

    I don't.

    Thats all.

    A cobra r hood on a stock engine GT is rice, by YOUR definition, not mine.

    Thats all I ever meant. You defined rice, I didnt. I happen to like show quality cars with lambo doors.

    By the way, don't attend any nationally popular car shows, such a nopi.. you'll just walk around and wonder why people waste their money on "rice"

    As far as this forum goes, my "observation" is that it's full of narrowminded rednecks, who believe if your mustang doesnt have deep dish bullits or cowl hoods, it's not respectable. I've never seen a community with such a locked in set of ways than the mustang guys I read about on here. Again, it's just my "observation".
  9. This thread makes me hungry for Chinese food ...
  10. I just ate some Mini Wheats :D
  11. :nonono: Wrong again.
    And wear their hats sideways and drool over import chicks they'll never have. Right, thanks for helping us avoiding it. Cheers.

    And WE'VE never seen such a whiney kid who enjoys posting negative opinions so much.

    Seriously, you know you're not bringing anything to the table, so why sit down? You are instigating Sanny on purpose, and you know it.
  12. This is the first time i've ever posted anthing negative, and I get flamed.

    It's hard to have a negative opinion about something "mustang" on here.

    It's pretty obvious by your last post Spreadman, we hang out with in different classes of people, but what does wearing your hat sideways have to do with the price of tea in china?
  13. There is NOTHING wrong with buying things for looks...I mean rice isnt defined as anything that doesnt increase performance. Everyone has their own flavor...molding their car into what they want. Rice is when you have a stock car and throw on neon lights, huge wing, lambo doors, nasty body kit, a CAI, and MOST importanttly an owner who thinks that his car is better than everyone elses and thinks its the fastest thing in the world.

    As 02laserred said, its MORE about the drivers attitude than what he has done to his car. USUALLY someone with a body kit, wing, and neons is going to be one stuckup fool...so when we see an import that isnt stock we automatically call RICE! Now in reality this is wrong...just because one person likes a body kit and likes his muffler doesnt mean he is rice. Just as long as its not OVER done with no power mods....I think by common defination, rice is POSING....and that INCLUDES the owner. You have a fully decked out (visually) civic with just a CAI...what is it?

    To some its automatic rice....to others its just rice if he has mods that make it look fast but isnt (say 2-3 wings)...See, rice is more a personal opinion than anything. Its up to US to decide when that ratio of speed and looks is crossed.

    Notice what San~man said...and you have quoted it a few times.

    "Rice is anything that is tasteless and serves no funtion"

    This completely backs up what im saying....in OUR mind a stock 00R hood is NOT tasteless. And what you get down to it....whats function? EVERY hood serves a function....to cover the engine! We spend our money on what we want...and in reality the 00R in stock form is in the same class as the stock hood. Only covers the hood (no real vents or scoops...and what both have are fake, unless modified) and the tasteless thing is opinion. SO they are the SAME THING by san~mans defination that you like so much....as I said before, your only point is that in your opinion its ugly/tastless.

    And will, an aftermarket hood was REQUIRED for the way my TTs are setup...and in reality the ONLY hood that will work is the 00R. I NEED it....its cut out near the front, on the bottom side to allow for the turbo pipes....and the top is vented because incase you dont know this, turbos put out ALOT of heat. Again, my 00r hood is REQUIRED...and I happen to love the looks :)

    I respect your opinion, but you dont have to bash on the hood...sure its ok to say "meh, I really dont like it....but to each their own" , but not "thats the ugliest POS hood you could have bought!" among other hatefull comments. And so what if they bashed your bros car....its wrong to repay evil with evil... Take care, and please dont take anything said on the E net personal.

    BTW so this is clear, the top of the post is MY defination of rice. As I said later, its up to each person to decided what is and what isnt.
  14. Just lock the thread, and everyone forget about this. It's the internet, lets all be friends :). San im working on friday, but off mon tue and wed. if youre free, gimme a call or IM me ****, thanks :).
  15. Ohhh, three days off. You must work for the city and county too.:D
  16. Sounds like you got a great deal on the hood and shipping. :nice:
    Cervini's would have probably been my second choice too..
  17. Ya, I was quite surprised at that price too. My LT's and O/R X costed more to ship from Summit back in the day than this hood did. Go figure.
  18. Are you kidding? :notnice:
    The hood San purchased is far from rice.
    Than your stock hood is rice too right?
    Get real Will.
    Post some pics of your hood after it is painted I am eager
    to see it on your car San.
  19. Simplification... Rice = going to pep boys and buying stuff from "those aisles" and putting it on your car thinking you are doing something that will increase your vehicles' P-factor. See, before the concept of "rice" was being tossed around, we called it ghetto. The basic notion is that in order to be ghetto/rice, one must buy some cheap **** (usually a bunch of it), install it on their 'awesome' rides ... more rons

    *my 2 Lincolns*
  20. I will, but my appointment got moved back to its original date again. He's a busy guy at the moment :(