Ordered my hood today....woot!!

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  1. I hear you some paint and body shops can get busy.
    A guy that I work with had to wait three months to get
    his whole car painted.He told me that the waiting list was
    up to four months geezzzz.
  2. Ya, but that generally means that the shop must be good if people are willing to wait that long for an appointment.

    Anyway, it's not that far away now. My bumper isn't even here yet either, so I'm in no rush.

    Just got done washing and waxing the car. Poorboys Natty's Blue FTW :nice:
  3. Sweet..I bet your car is looking sharp.
  4. I've been sorta neglecting the front bumper since I know it's going to be replaced shortly. Actually, the hood too. :notnice: I swear the hood is a repaint....there's SO many chips that I'm lead to believe it is, or that Ford OEM paint is UNUSUALLY soft. Could be either.

    My co-workers were commenting on how my car has been the dirtiest they've ever seen it lately (junk weather too the past few weeks), so I got off my ass and washed her tonight. I finished all 11 episodes of "Heroes" so I don't have anything to watch on TV...lol
  5. San, what shipping company did they use?
  6. A UPS subsidiary. $120.00 FTMFW. :D
  7. I already know that, but what company specifically?
  8. I'm not sure, Joel just said "UPS dropped off your hood today."

    Call Dave at H.O. if you need the exact info.

  9. Lambo doors, carbon fiber hood, and lightweight wheels aren't cheap.

    And for the sake of show car worthiness..

    Two of the same cars with EXACTLY the same mods, identical paint, and everything... say one has lambo doors and the other doesn't, guess who wins?
  10. Will just shut up about it.
    Ive seen cars lose that have lambo doors just because people thought they sucked. I took my 02 gt to a car show and only had a bodykit and beat a mustang with lambo doors because they only belong on a damn lambo. do what u want to ur car, but dont criticize san for buying a hood, its his car he can do what he wants
  11. I always wanted one of those hoods. Looks sweet.
  12. Well san, you definatly got a nice big juicy thread that draws alot of attention out of it :D . Now that many more people will be looking for your new thread with pics :nice:

    I for one and really looking forward to seeing how it looks all painted and slicked up.
    One question though....have you thought about making the hood functional? Im not sure of your plans down the road, but in any case it would be to your advantage. ALthough its a pain to do, IMHO its worth it :)
  13. Ya, I have. What did you use to make those slits? A dremel?
  14. Nice job quoting the wrong guy :nice: :lol:
  15. Shaddup Johnny....he meant well :notnice: :D
  16. :rlaugh: I was like WTH!!!!!

    San~man we layed an MSD spark plug wire (8.8 MM?) on the hood, in the louver area...then used a sharpi and traced a line even with the top of it I believe. Im not sure if you noticed, but the slits get narrower in sync with the louvers. Closest to the driver is widest and they taper in. Simple tape measer will let you get the length correct, and its a suttle thing that really improves the looks.

    As for the cutting....WOW what a pain LOL. My hands were beat up and SORE. Basically we took a drill and drilled out a few holes right next to eachother to get a slit going. Then cut the fiber glass out using a hack-saw blade (yes by hand :( ) to get a line all the way from one side of the slit to the other....then went back for a second pass to make the opening wider. After that I used a round file (the small round file that you get in most metal/wood file packs at home depot) and slowly worked my way from one side to the other to make the slit the same size all the way accross. and TAKE YOUR TIME! Its VERY easy to get off...and the tinyest amount shows up...as seen in the last vent on my hood. Just barely got off and its not quite right.

    So repeat that a few times and it should look great...BUT I would recommend doing this BEFORE its painted as you will almost for sure scratch the paint durring the process...and on mine there were random air pockets and when I would be filng it would ship off a bit of fiber glass instead of making a clean cut. I would hate to see that happen with new paint.
    I also wouldnt reccomend a dremel....its would be super easy to get off, and once you do thats it. I tried powered rotarty tools, but they just remove too much material for me to be precise IMO. But you can try it...it may work for you :shrug: .

    Just ask if you have anymore questions :)

  17. Wow....seems like a lot of work to make it "non-rice" lol.

    I got a while to think about it before it gets painted.
  18. Oops. Was half in the bag last night!!
  19. Little update

    Went to the bodyshop today and looked at the hood.

    The bodyguy Joel said that the edges needed bodywork where the fiberglass is joined/glued to the composite. Also, there were a few wavy areas on the top that he had to sand/bondo to get smooth. Nothing major really, just more money :notnice:

    Just goes to show that he's a guy that takes pride in his work and what his shop produces. If he didn't care, he just would've primed and painted over what he got and would have been done with it, but he's not. No wonder he came recommended.