Ordering 3g alternator, but have a question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by oo7thenova, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. I going to upgrade my alternator to a 3g one. I'm buying the kit from Pa-performace, but i ran into a problem with the order.

    do i need a Premium Long Power wire ?? or a Short one??

    it asks me to select


    what did you guys select to be sure.

  2. The long wire is probably for a rear battery/ kill switch setup, where the charging wire has to be run to the back for the kill switch to kill the car, It doesnt say how long either is though, best bet would be to call and ask unless someone who has bought from them chimes in here....
  3. Thats way over price look at this one its 150 amp 3g with liftime warranty I bought this one
  4. You need a power wire that will reach from back of alt and will run to the battery or solinoid. I went to store and bought heavy 4 gauge wire and made mine. You will not use the old charging wires because the alt will burn them up.
  5. I assume 5.0Droptop was going to include this link...

    Alterstart 3G
  6. I ordered from them about a month ago and ordered the PREMIUM LONG and it was perfect. I ran it from my starter solenoid and under my radiatar brackets to hide it better. It is very good quality wire. But to answer your question...


  7. That's the alternator I got. It's very nice.

    I got my wiring from PA-Performance. I ordered the "standard long". It's 4 ga., and about 9 feet long, including a fuse holder which tucks nicely underneath the battery tray.

    9 feet is almost exacly what you need to go from the alternator, under the airbox, around the front of the radiator, under the battery tray and up to the starter solenoid.
  8. you dont need the wire to be that long if you can check a 94 or 95 mustang they use only 5ft of wire.
  9. Yep, I had about 1 foot of extra 4g wire that i just ziptied in place.......works great.

  10. You need either the "Standard Long" or "Premium Long". I chose the standard long as the premium wasn't worth the extra money to me. You'll end up with about one extra foot of wire, but it's easy to take up the slack somewhere and will give you more choices on where to route the wiring.
  11. I need a new alternator because with underdrive pullies, the stock one doesn't really cut it at idle. From what I can tell, the 3G alterstart is the best overall deal. So if I get it, will I need to order the 9ft long cable from PA performance? And does it mount in perfectly in the stock location?