Drivetrain Ordering New Axles

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  1. If anyone needs any info, I'm ordering new Moser axles for my II, since after the last time at the track, I'm gonna have to go through some tough tech inspections for the first few races... So I thought I would pass this info along if anyone needs it!


  2. They should have MII spec on hand; I ordered the Thundersnake axles from them (stock spec, with 5 lug).
  3. Hmm... someone was lazy at work today then. I called them up and asked if they had the measurements on hand, and the guy said I'd have to measure it... I guess I'll have to call them on monday and see what the deal is .
  4. Yeah, I'm not the first to post having them make them either. I wonder if they just don't keep track of what they do.
  5. Cool, thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be ordering some soon.
  6. Just called and placed an order with them. Sure enough, they needed all the measurements.
  7. JEEEZZZZZ if they do not keep track of axles,specs, etc. of what they make ,I would have to double guess ordering from them. What would you do IF you had a problem????:shrug:

    On second thought maybe that just covers their ass. Never know if someone modified or changed something!

  8. Probably, if they make them to the customers 'spec' they are off the hook if the axles don't fit.
  9. Annnnnnnnd, there you have it in a nutshell.....

    Corporate C.Y.A. at it's best...:flag:

    They still make a helluva product though.:nice:

  10. Look at it this way,

    How would they know if the sets of figures they got before were correct?

    A car will move fine with only half, actually only a portion, of the splines engaged.

    And you can't tell me there aren't a few cars out there with warped and stretched axle retainers because the axle bottomed on the spider pin.

    I read an article about Currie installing a 9" in a pre II Mustang, some of the stuff they did was just wrong.

    Remember the II 8" dimension threads where everyone seemed to come up with different measurements?

    I can understand Mosers position.
  11. I ordered mine as well, pretty much the only measurements they need once they knew it was a stock style 8 inch was drivers sice (C), Drivers Side (K), Passenger side (c), and Passenger side (k) They already know H, and other than that whatever bolt pattern you want.
  12. Can we make this a sticky?? I know we will likely need it later!!:D
  13. How about everyone posting the measurements they used to order? I'd like to see if they match...
  14. Hey Matt your link went south. Can you re-post it. I am going to ask sleeper to make it a sticky. This is important info we should save.

    Thanks Jayzon
  15. I'm getting ready to order new axles from Moser. Here is what I measured using a digital caliper & tape measure. Dimensions taken with a tape measure were after I leveled the axle on my bench and then used another level to measure to off the end of the axle. I measured the axles twice on two different days and came up with the same results.

    Here are the stock Mustang II measurements with 4 lug 4-1/4" pattern:

    Here are the stock Mustang II measurements with 5 lug 4-1/2" pattern:

    Hope that helps someone.
  16. I came up with the same measurements, except for these:
    Drivers Side (C) :       25 13/16
    Drivers Side (K) :       23 7/16
    Passenger Side (K) :  27 9/16
    The difference is 1/16" between yours and mine. I have yet to try fitting them in to see if there's any problem. Hopefully this weekend :)
  17. Does anyone have the full set of measurements needed for ordering a complete 9" rear w. stock spring location?
  18. what was the cost for the 2 axles? also if you go the 5 lug pattern:D what drums are you using? thanks so much :nice:
  19. Total cost was 367.24, shipped to my door, with screw in studs installed. They fit like a glove. I did have some issues though. I went with the ranger drum, the center hub didn't quite fit, but some light honing with a break cylinder hone on the drum center hole and everything fit. The other thing, is to make sure to specify the flange diameter. It should be 6 inches, but I forgot to specify this, mine was too wide to seat properly on the drum. No big deal, I took the axles out, and wrapped a rag around the bearing, lightly clamped the bearing in my vice, and used a grinder to reduce the diameter until they fit the drums. The axle rotated while I ground, and using a course flap wheel it took about 10 min per axle to get this corrected.
  20. Wow, that's cheap I'd say!
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