OT: Anyone here have the GSX-R600?

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  1. sorry, off topic but I was just wondering who all here has one and how they like it. I'm thinking about getting one and just wanted to get some oppinions. Thanks guys. Oh and if you do post a pic of it next to your stang, that should put me a little closer to being on topic...
  2. I'm not a big Suzuki fan... I'm looking for a CBR 600. I think Bugga has a GSX-R but not sure what CC it is... Dont think he comes here very often anymore.
  3. I looked at the 04 CBR600RR, and it sat a little higher than the others. i like the way the suzuki feels, and sits. but the CBR is really nice.
  4. I ran a 750 Gixxer for like 4 yrs...never a prob.. :nice: Had a sweet Yosh duplex and some other goodies...Would buy another in a heartbeat....Never did anything more than plugs and dyno tune one time...
  5. thanks for the replies huys, keep em commin..
  6. I'm also thinking of picking up one of those bikes.. although me being a novice, I'd probably get myself killed since I want a GXSR 750cc.. I'm also not too wild of the graffics on the Suzuki's... I'll probably end up with a R6....
  7. i have an 01' gsxr-750
  8. id love one

    I rode a kawasaki ZX6R for about two years, than I sold to have a down payment on a house.

    It was a good bike, I actually just looked into financing on a new model. The one I had was a 2001, I think the new ones go for about $7500 or so.

    I would kill for a gsxr 750, but I can't afford it, white and blue just like the pic above.

    Like the silver ZX6R a lot too though. I see kaw has a RR as well for this year, looks like its just green and more for a race bike.

    good luck whichever you decide.
  9. i cant wait till im older and rich, then i could afford all these cool toys....
  10. My 750 was the same Blue and White model...Than i stepped up the a 99 Z9...Full Muzzy exhaust was all that was needed for that.... :D The 9s are crazy fast.... :D

    600 is a nice starter bike if you've never ridden...they can be a handful for sure...they are also...crazy fast... :D

    I miss having one... :(
  11. i like bikes, i just wont own one. i feel better in a vehicle that i have a chance of living if i am in an accident.
  12. i have an 03 cbr600RR and i love its my first bike i have always liked hondas but you can't go wrong with and of the other bikes i like the r6 too and almost bought a gixxer 750 instead of my bike . :banana:
  13. I've had a CBR600 F4i and a R6. Now I've got an R1. Either the CBR or the R6 would be a great first bike.
  14. I have a GSXR-600 k2. I have had it for about 1.5 years and baby the hell out of it. It is my first NEW bike. It is nice to have fuel injection as opposed to carbs. All the 600's are comparable but I did all the research before buying and could not get my mind out of the GSXR 600. The looks, power and reliability is top notch. I haven't ridden a honda or yamaha sport bike but I really like the gsx-r. The 600 is fast (did 147 the other day in 1/2 mile) the 750 is FASTER and the 1000 is a ball holder. If you want a bike to rip your shirt off, the hyabusa is the one. A guy I work with had a 1000 GSX-r and switched to the busa. The busa has a airshifter with NOS. It'll do over 200. Suzuki has a great line. Lots of parts on ebay too if you ever crash! :D

    By the way mine is an 2002.
  15. I've been shopping for bikes myself. I'm leaning towards the GSX-R 750. It will be my first sport bike. I've been told by many bike owners that after riding a 600cc for a while you out grow it and wish that you had the power of the big bikes. So I'll get something I can grow into for a while. The GSX-R's seem to fit a tall framed person too. I'm 6'2" and it feels alot better than a Kawasaki or a Honda. The R1 is nice too. Do your research before you buy. Ask a lot of questions. Sit on all of them. And let us know what you decide. :flag:
  16. bringing this thread back, who all rides?, since i started this post, i've bought and riddin a 04 gixxer 750 about 6000 miles. 135 rwhp... sounds low, but will get up and go..
  17. I have some friends who are/were big bike guys. One had a gsxr750 (after he got rid of his 600ninja he learned on) and at the same time a buddy had a cbr600 f3. The guy with the gsxr ran it at an open track event in Iowa (for the first year of the SRAD on the gsxr he was invited to run it there) and he loved the bike. Another friend had a r6.

    However, his thoughs on the gsxr were, the cbr is a great learner, stable, ok power, and a great resale (if you plan on stepping up in a few years). He always thought the gsxr was alittle more of a riders bike and more unstable in some area's. He thought it had alot more front end wobble issues if you were not carefull or didnt have the exp. of riding long.

    He sold the gsxr a few years ago. He now has a blue R1 and he is amazed at that bike. He is convinced it would ride circles around the gsxr.

    The R6 was a great bike to start on (actually 2 freinds have had r6's), however, they both noticed while riding with some of their freinds that the r6 was hard to keep up with some of the bigger bikes (of course) like the Honda rr, and R1, gsxr750's in the twisties. They felt it was all they could do just to keep up when others were riding somewhat less than all out.
  18. 2002 cbr f4i, i love it
  19. Its all about the blue and white R6s. :hail2: