OT: Firefox users, white screen after posting a reply??

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by iwashmycar, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Alright...I had a big problem using Internet Explorer....ditched it. I downloaded that Mozilla Firefox, and it is actually very nice, but after i post a reply in any thread, itll go to a white screen....like it is inbetween pages...... The hour glass is there, but it never goes back to the page until I hit the "GO" button again. My reply will then be there..

    I was wondering if there is some option i cant find thatll fix it....The help menus suck:nonono:


    EDIT: when i wrote this it took a little while, but there was no "inbetween" looking screen
  2. mine was doing that too so i went back to I/E
  3. I have that problem too. I just post. Then hit the stop button then click on the link and press the enter button. Works everytime for me.
  4. damn...might have to get IE again... I hate extra steps
  5. It's a FF issue with how AJAX renders the page. I'd reinstall FF or go back or up to a different version.
  6. I WILL fix this problem!
  7. I went back to the NEW version of IE with the same TAB feature as FF. Its been working well so far so I'm stick with it.
  8. I have the same problem too, however it only happens when I use the quick reply at the bottom of the page. If i use the regular reply button it works as it should.
  9. Exactly. The quick reply feature is an AJAX feature.
  10. i have the talk fourm as my book mark, so after i post it goes white.. then i just click the book mark, takes me right back to the talk section, and i continue on.. doesnt bother me anymore, its a system i have now..
  11. ya i like the bookmark feature....the IE didnt have it arranged that way

    EDIT: wow i didnt even know there was a support forum....thanks for the move
  12. Welcome, you are. ;)
  13. The quick reply has nothing to do with web 2.0...
    It's simply a regular form on the page. The only AJAX I can think of on StangNet is the search feature, which checks up on user names as you type them in.

    Anyhow...if anyone has ever heard of greasemonkey, I'm going to try and find/make a script that will automatically redirect you back to the thread you came from.
  14. i have no clue what your saying lol....but ill keep in touch to see what ya got!

  15. Eau contraire.

    AJAX (in this application) allows content to stream without a postback event.
  16. I completely apologize :). With only using FF to view Stangnet, I was never able to see what it did, :). I thought it posted and just reloaded.

    So do you know any javascript? It would be awesome if we could get a script made. Greasemokey (if you haven't heard about, which I'm sure you have) enables you to run a user made script on a particular website.
    But now since its ajax, I don't think it's possible...just thinking out loud.
  17. No sweat. We are all here to learn from each other. :nice:
    I dabble.
  18. I've always had this issue with FF, sometimes it does it but not always. It usually only does it on this site though.
  19. this happens to me too, only when i do a quick reply though. woah sorry i broght this thread back, i forgot i was lookin at old posts.
  20. I hate that white screen so much :nonono: