OT: I'm back from Europe... pics inside.

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  1. Very nice Paul!! I really want to go to Rome someday. Those are some nice pictures of Europe, it looked like you guys were having a nice time!!
  2. cool pics. im in germany this semester and can attest to the popularity of the smart car. i dont think smart is an independent company though, i think it's tied to mercedes. the really crazy cars here the original mini coopers, they're about half the size of the new minis in the states! car watching is pretty good here in berlin, i saw a screaming yellow murceilago yesterday :)
  3. Nice pics! I really liked Rome when I was there, but I didn't care for Paris that much. Maybe I was just too young to appreciate it. Looks like alot of fun!

  4. Nice pics, Europe is awesome, I went to Greece last summer, everything there seems so liberated and the women - hot :p .
    Anyway, I noticed many Smarts and they really do stand out, I heard the Smart is made by Mercedes and that it's quite expensive. I doubt that it would cost anywhere near 10k in the US though. I really developed a love for the cars there in terms of style like Opel, Citroen, Seat, Reneault, Fiat.
  5. I think Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. Wide avenues, great for walking, incredible food and culture, not to mention the architecture.

    And in spite of what you may have heard, I have never met a rude Parisian.

    I can't say that about New York.
  6. W/B Paul
    Glad everything went ok..Im just thinking about the mods you can do with the $$$ it costs to go to Europe.

  7. Strange, but I was thinking about it the other way around.
  8. Awesome trip man... I ain't been across the mason/dixon line since i was like 6. I bet you had a good time and those are great pics. man. Thanks for the scenery.

  9. Sweet pics man! I would love to go to Italy. I'd check out a Serie A game or two (Premier League soccer).
    Just saw a 5th Gear on the Smart which is a Mercedes. You can personalize those things in so many ways, its crazy. I could see you taking your's to the track :rlaugh:
    Glad you had a good time!
  10. hey paul... i was in paris for a while a couple years ago...

    actually i was in europe for 5months...

    did you notice that in paris... on top of the eiffel tower... the whole city of paris is shaped like a snail shell?

    its wierd isnt it?!?!



    %@^^@^@$#&#[email protected]
  11. I wouldn't dream of it! :)
  12. Sweet, im guessing you didnt make it to the ferrari factory in marenello?
  13. Paul, that pic looks awesome. Haven't seen you around Altoona yet, you being in Europe would probably explain why.
  14. awesome pics. I especially like the Riva Hotel..... :D

    I'm sure some guys on here would rather see a certain someone in her sl*tbag clothes though..... LOL :rlaugh:
  15. I was in Mexico this summer. They have the SMART. It's a beautiful car. I also saw a FORD KA. It's a nice little car that can also be parked anywhere.
  16. Paul, i just find this tread, i didn't know you went in Europe
    If you went in Rome you could go in Pescara (which is 1.5 hrs from Rome) and use ferry to Neum (about 3hrs) you could be in my country Bosnia and Herzegovina ,and than you could see Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia, you missed nice places to see or go on vacation

    Sorry to bringing this old thread

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  17. ernan how do you find these threads :p
  18. Hehehe, well i was searching Yeahloh95 for engine pics whan i saw this Pauls thread about Europe , and you know me i had to post :D
  19. I think Paris has to be one of the dirtiest cities in the world. Some neat sites, but holy hell, it's like Detroit with sites.

    So what was your favorite place?