OT: kid i graduated with died this morning...

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  1. a friend of mine from high school died this morning he was at a party and a bunch of them were fooling around with a gun and he was accidentally shot in the chest and died within an hour....he wasnt a close friend at all but its still kinda a shocker....totally in disbelief at this point....

  2. i had a friend that got shot and died when he and his friends little brother were <i>just playing around </i>with a gun :nonono:
  3. sorry to hear that..

  4. what a shame, I am sorry to hear that :( take care
  5. man, weird timing. A kid in my high school commited suicide last night. i know what your goin through man. keep your head up

    -Drew :(
  6. Sorry to hear that

    The girl that I marched beside during graduation back in 97 died a few months later in a car accident.
  7. Life is short, so live every day like it could be your last (without dwelling on that little fact, of course). And drive safely, that's what is most likely to get you killed.

    I'm finding that suddenly I don't feel immortal anymore, could be that I'm about to kiss my 20's goodbye... :nonono:

  8. prayers to the family.......
  9. Yeah I'm sorry to hear about that too.

    My friend died a month before the prom in high school. She was messing around with E. It was the saddest part at the funeral when she was in her prom dress. Death sucks.
  11. sorry about that man :(