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  1. BTO was Canadian. My friend used to play with them and Randy Bachman autographed my guitar a number of years ago at an event I took part in with him in Vancouver. Hey, they are on the radio right now - "Let it Ride" - my favorite BTO tune!
  2. Nah, BTO best is Takin' Car of Business!
  3. I had to play TCB for something like 74 minutes straight with 1400 other guys and Randy to get in the Guiness Book of Records - I've had enough of that song!
  4. I think this thread has overlooked one of the greatest guitarists of all times........

    Frank Zappa! :nice:
  5. I brought a Neil Diamond CD into work a while back, even some of the not so young guys had a hard time naming ONE Neil Diamond song (that's if they weren't saying "Neil who?").

    Of course the younger generation thinks "Who are You?" by The Who is actually called "Theme Song to CSI".
  6. I actually heard some Zappa on the radio the other day. And it wasn't Dr. Demento or anything like that. It was just the regular classic rock station. I was amazed.

    And can't forget Molly Hatchet, Deep Purple, Argent, Black Oak (Dad met Jim Mangrum when we saw them in Idaho), CCR, Clapton, and Thin Lizzy.

  7. :doh:

    My bro and s-i-l were visiting this weekend w/ my 22 y/o neice and her roomate (they're in college in Montana). When I asked my neice if she had met any "Dental Floss Tycoons" yet she (surprisingly for her), gave me a blank look, but her roomate caught the reference and almost choked on her beer!
  8. how could you sit there and say he is better then angus young. Let zappa do thunderstruck, then we will talk
  9. I didn't say he was any better than anyone else, I said he was ONE of the greatest......I there are quite a few others who I also consider amongst the all time greats........Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the list goes on. I would NEVER try to compare them, or say one was definitively better than another because the all have/had their strengths and weaknesses not to mention different styles.
  10. Guitarist: Gary Hoey, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, Brian Setzer, Dick Dale, and others I can't think of right now.
  11. BBFCM!

    Zappa rules!!! I saw him in 1979 & 1980 on Halloween in NYC! What a great show! Weird Crowd! He was truly an unrecognized great!

    My favorite Zappa Album: "Live in New York", side one. Can you name the three songs?
  12. Ah, Satriani & Frank Marino! Two guitar virtuoso's from the late 70's....

    Now ain't this a good Hi-JacK!
  13. Re

    Well I'm a fresh 19 and I know who all those guys are, I'm a huge fan, its just a totally different style of music

  14. Now you are old, 'cuz those concerts were before I was a twinkle in my Dad's eye.

    And, that being said: STD, when can I get MY classic rock discs, Country discs, soundtracks, etc? And could you throw in a Kris Kristopherson disc? I've only seen him act (same guy, right?).


    ps: I'll never smoke weed with willie again!
  15. Okay, you're gonna die when you hear this (That's meant for my fellow "Classics", the younger guys will all say "Who?") The all-time grade-A number-one guitarists will always be "Chester and Lester", as their only duet album was titled - known to the rest of the world's pickers as Chet Atkins and Les Paul. Even Carlos Santana and Joe Walsh respected and learned from those two. BB King once said that "Chester and Lester" was his "inspirational music" :nice:

    NK: Your CD's will be on their way - do you know how long it takes to find a Chinese junk that sails from Yuma to Pyongyang???? :rlaugh: Seriously, we've been a little tied up and haven't had time to get them USPS'd over there. "Unreliable Parcel Service" has outlet stores that service real customers. The Post Officel tries to keep their office hours within everybody else's workday :rolleyes:
  16. I respect every band that has been mentioned here. The Bachman Turner Overdrive abbreviation did not automatically hit home, I must admit. But, I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of them. Speaking for the junior farts on this thread, I think Slash from Guns N' Roses should be mentioned as one of the greats in terms of guitarists. I noticed that one of the earlier posts mentioned G'N'F'in R', as they often referred to themselves, and if you senior farts haven't checked them out, it'd be well worth your time IMO. They were the ****nit in the late 80's, and they have a cool, raw, bluesy, throwback sound, but at the same time, they have a very hardcore sound that I think any true rock and roll fan can appreciate. :cheers:
  17. Did you know that Les Paul was Steve Miller's guitar Teacher?
  18. Yeah; I should have been so lucky!
    I saw Chet Atkins at Northern AZ Univ back when I was about 15. He packed the auditorium; and held us for 2-1/2 hours. Even decided to display his weird sense of humor - he was playing with a big-a$$ ring on on his right hand. After the first couple of slow ballads he strated to pick up the pace; and he pranged one note in a riff. He stopped right there and said, "Y'know, my manager said I might need a little more to impress you guys; so he made me wear this rock." (Flashing the ring around) "Are you impressed? Good." Takes it off and calls out a stage hand) "Takes this back there and give it to the fat guy in the brown suit. Tell him they're not all that impressed; so I'm going to have to get to work on this axe!" We all laugh; he grabs his Gretsch and starts playing the same song in double time. Then he speeds up. Perfect - misses nothing. Played a few more songs. Slowed back down and did "Help Me Make It Through the Night" - if you knew the song, you felt every bit of the emotion in it; and he got a standing oveation for it. He said "Thank you. I love that song. I learned the words to that song in a day; but my contract includes a clause that says I'll refund everybody's ticket if I try to sing." (Laughter) "There's a reason why I learned to pick this well" (More laughter)

    Guy could've made Hank Williams Sr cry with his guitar; but he could make Rodney Dangerfield laugh with his jokes about himself.
  19. You were never a twinkle in your Dad's eye...that was a tear!;):D
  20. If your going to talk about great guitarists, don't forget Roy Buchannon. That dude could play the guitar better than most!