OT: Ohhhhhhh, my achin'............

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  1. Actually, their major label debut was '87 with Appetite for Destruction, but whose counting?
  2. lol...close enough..it all occured before i was born
  3. :rolleyes:
  4. Ya ya ya...im a youngin'
  5. Come a little closer you goddamnedwhippersnapper so I can beat you with my cane!:fuss:
  6. :rlaugh:
  7. You mean so I can grab it fromy our slow arsed hands and break it.

  8. So much for the treating-elders-with-respect bit. I shoulda known coming from a marine...
  9. Your willingness to accept abuse from someone just because of their age shows that your kind knows nothing about being a warrior.

    Respect is earned. Abuse of someone underneath you in command, rank or age (beating them with a cane for example) is not an action worthy of respect.
  10. YOU invite abuse, it would be rude of you not to accept it.......
    As for respect.......ALL we've EVER heard from YOU is alot of whining and crying on various topics (can't find a woman, have to "deploy" to San Diego, etc., etc......) and you want respect as a "warrior"
    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    I certainly hope YOU are never deployed overseas with the USMC ( for whom a have alot of respect), because the rest of the world might get the wrong impression and think our military is as bad as the French! :nonono:

    btw....my "beat you with my cane" was a joke which was obviously LOST on you, and trust me YOU don't have the speed, or strength or training to grab anything from my hands and break it...... :p
  11. I agree...it was obviously a joke and he wasnt trying to offend anybody...you just took it too personal...
  12. As was my response to you and my response to nokitten. tsk tsk tsk

    BTW, my "whining" about san diego, is based simply in the fact that I hate california. But overall, it's been a good experience and I've had a good share of fun.

    But I really can't get women.
  13. "Sunday morning coming down" and "Silver tongued devil" are 2 of the best songs every written. Truly epic, and way way way too many folks have never heard either one. Heck, only because of Blade or The Jacket Kristofferson is barely a blip on the cultural radar anymore... that's sad, because he was a truly gifted song writer. Maybe in a few more years we'll find him on tour again and kids will finally get a clue before he kicks. :(
  14. Y'know what's funny? I'd been listening to Johhny Cash do "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" for a couple of years when I first heard Kristofferson do it. You should have seen my 16-yr-older brother's face (most pained :rolleyes: I'd ever seen) when I told him "The dude from that sucky Barbra Streisand movie is doing Johnny Cash songs!". He then sat me down and pulled out his 45's (single-song records -those shiny black discs that played music- for you under 40 crowd), starting with "House of the Rising Sun" and on through "Why Me, Lord"; and kept at it 'til I began to understand.
  15. Still clueless...............? :shrug:
  16. Who's clueless, you????? :p

    If anybody hasn't heard Kristofferson doing "House of the Rising Sun" and "Why Me, Lord"; well, I guess they would be clueless! :nonono:
  17. Nope....I'm senile. I think. or am I? I dunno, I can't remember.......what were we talking about? :shrug: