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  1. The next episode, which I think is on Tuesday, is on Mustangs. I caught a commercial, looks good. Course, there is the obligitory Eleanor (Its everywhere!) And a bunch of real Shelby's (Except, now the Eleanor is a real Shelby) as well as the Boss mustangs and stuff.
  2. Cool, thanks for the tip. I watched some of the Titus one last night, but I won't miss a Stang episode for sure.
  3. I noticed Jason Priestly wasn't a part of this "new season" of Rides. :shrug:

  4. I saw that....kinda odd I dont think he has anything else to do..... Actually he is a huge car nut and an avid road racer, nice guy to boot
  6. No.
  7. The narrator for the eleanor episode was monotone and boring. If the cars werent so awesome I would've stopped watching. I'll take Jason Priestly over the new guy anyday. At least you know he is a true car fan.
  8. I agree on the Jason Priestly thing, my wife and I got to meet him a few years ago at an Indy car race and I found him to be a genuinely nice person, plus a car guy to boot. Anyway, I also saw the "Eleanor" episode last tuesday, and whether you like the cars or not, I was horrified by the sheer use of filler used on a good steel body. They also mount the roof scoops over the stock vents, which is kinda hokey to me. But the filler thing really got me, they simply glued the brake scoops, lower front valance and the upper scoops on, then pile on the bondo. Now I realize that technology has changed in adhesives and fillers, but I've been around cars for 30+ years and I have yet to see fiberglass or plastic successfully molded to steel yet. How'd you like to lay out $200,000 on a car that got stress cracks within a year? In my opinion, the quality of the body and paint work is about 60% or more of the percieved value of a car. I don't care how nice the interior is, or how good the brakes work, or how loud the stereo is, if the body is half-assed together it sets the tone for the whole car.
  9. I heard that episode was on,, its set for a repeat Sunday at 3 pm est I think.
    They claim they have a throng of people in line for one . Mainly sports stars and such. Who else can afford them ? :nonono:
  10. I was dissapointed in it, TLC didn't say anything about it being Eleanor only in the commercials, and in fact showed lots of the Anniversary footage in the commercials. But past that, I am unclear on whats safe and whats not safe to do to the cars... But they are an assembly line, and they want to make money like most everyone else, so I am not surprised if they do the easiest way to finish things off.
    I wish they showed more on the Shelby GT350SR though, since I liked the look (And year) of that car much more then the Eleanors.
  11. I stopped watching when I saw the big pile of stuff that was getting "thrown away" according to them.....I need a left fender right now and it looked like several of them that were being chunked would do me fine.
  12. Ah, but the absolute BEST QUOTE from that show is that they "would never start with a real GT500!"

    Maybe that "conversion" isn't as reversible as some contend?:scratch:
  13. I still can't figure out why they don't just make a custom tube frame with a fiberglass molded body and make it all a true custom to begin with. Seems to me it would be a hell of alot easier to produce and we wouldn't have all that waste to deal with either. :shrug:
  14. Just like Chepsk8's COBRASK8 Project!!! :nice::nice:
  15. :rolleyes:
  16. I caught the episode, loved it. Kept drooling on the remote. I know a lot of you don't like the Eleanor's, but I thought it was a sweet ride. I'd love to have one. Jason Giambi is one hell of a lucky guy (except for having to play for the yankees) to be getting one of the SS's. I just hope he doesn't smash it up the first time he takes it out and 'test's' the 750 hp.

    Not to start a fight with the 'stock as a rock' crowd, but what they are doing does a lot for making our hobby more prestigeous and enjoyable for all. If nothing else, it shows a place where we can take our Mustangs, not all at once like they do, but it can give us goals for our cars. I for one am a fan.
  17. That is pretty simple....then the cars would have to meet 2004 safety and EPA standards, plus it would no longer be a Mustang which does have some merit and value in this project (to some that is...I hate Elenor).

    That is a crock. It has no prestige whatsoever. The kind of people who can buy these cars have nothing to do with the hobby....they are a "checkbook". How can it make the hobby more enjoyable for all? They are sucking up all the fastbacks 65-68 to turn into rich man's toys and driving the price of fastbacks to a level that the average person in the hobby cannot afford or justify. The average kid just finding his way into this hobby will probably never be able to obtain a fastback now. Elenor is about $$$, not prestige or furthering the hobby. Damn am I glad I have a real Shelby and a Fastback to play with because in the future just having a Fastback will be an unobtainable goal for most.

  18. Not to throw gas on the fire but, I think what he was trying to say is that it gives us goals to enhancing the appearance of an allready very recognizable car such as restomoding. Everyone is trying to make thier car a little different than the others. That is what I got from it. Besides it will all end up in the end just like Street Rodding. As an example you can't find any good '32 Ford Coupes for the hobby because all of them have been chopped up into Rods or Antiqued for collectors! Thats my $.02 and IMO(which means nothing)
  19. The original Eleanor from the movie does all that you suggest in being a so called "goal". Even a few clones running around is fine, or some guy buying a body kit and doing his own version in his garage....but Unique Performance is systematically raping the hobby of useable fastbacks to transform them into monstrosities of "look at me" toys for the rich and thus removing them from the hobby as only the very rich will ever be able to own one.....and those kind of people are not what this hobby is about.

  20. i could just barley afford a coupe, not that i'm complaining...
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