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  1. I am also a 16 year old kid who really wants a 67-68 Mustang Fastback and I do love both Gone movies and Eleanors style. However I do agree that taking the 'working mans' muscle car and wasting good parts that could be used and making a mass produced rich mans toy is the worst thing that could happen to this hobby and the future for the mustang lover.

    For example there is a 67 Fastback near me that is a completely stripped shell w/ no engine and the guy is asking $4000. That is ridicoulous however I am so tempted knowing that I will probably never get one if I don't now.
  2. I agree with that, but I still think that it is going to happen no matter what as time goes on cars get harder to find, they are just speeding up the process. It is too bad that they can't do what Pak said and come up with a glass body.
  3. The big difference though is that not everyone drives around in the same stupid 32' coupe, they are true customs and all different, that is the point, not everyone driving the same custom. I was no where near half as offended by the car in the movie being what it should be, a one of custom. (Though I still contend in real life that if I contracted someone to steal me a 67' GT500 and they brought me that fabbed up want to be I'd keep my money and put a cap in there ass). I still wasn't even as offended as when they offered the parts to the garage mechanics but these over priced now re-registered Shelby's are an abomination to everything this hobby stands for and to everyone who made this hobby what it is, the little guy with a set of wrenches and a dream. :flag:

    If the future of this hobby is truly about mass produced production customs than I want nothing to do with these Oxy sized morons.
  4. You have a very good point on the one of a kind custom thing, and I agree with you. I am not on their side and nor if I did have 200K to blow would I go get the same car as everyother rich-a$$ had. But it's all gonna happen and there isn't a thing us 1-stall-garage-car-builders can do about it!IMO :shrug:
  5. The Eleanor haters crack me up... Nobody ever says " well, shes just ugly .."
    Its always something else. Ron has good points. I agree with him , despite his being "anti-Eleanor". I agree because the attacks he makes point at Eleanor being mass produced , which ultimately will indeed take 67-68 fastbacks out of the reach of enthusiasts .My wife would like a 67 fastback.. BUT, theres another side. What were these cars doing BEFORE Eleanor? Rusting away.. Providing homes for chickens on rural farms? At least now they are being reborn into seriously killer machines, so in reality, my feelings on the "continuation" Shelbys are mixed. Yeah, they will go into a sports stars or rich guys garage, but better THAT I suppose than the latter...But lets look at the simple "bashers". The myopia stricken crew of hypocrites that call Eleanor "flubbed up or gussied up" YET restomod their own cars , well, deeper issues are going on there...
    Lets put it in simpler form... For the sake of anonymity, some names have been altered.
    Mat buys a green Huffy 10 speed . Factory spokes, chain, peddles, and seat. ..Boring. SO, he puts on the sport pedals, close link chain, chrome spokes and a banana seat . Then a movie comes out .. Vin Diesel is peddling around on a modified Huffy too. But this Huffy becomes a cult icon of sorts, and is replicated. Mat cant say he thinks its "ugly" , so he starts bombing it with other insults.
    Mat is :
    A) Jealous of the attention the bike gets
    B) See A.
    C) See B.
    If you already HAVE a Mustang , and are not IN THE MARKET for a 67-68, you really dont give 2 ****s if the price goes up or not. Do you care if suddenly the prices of 71 Machs went out the roof ? Hell no. This is psychology at its most pure form. If you think El is ugly, fine. If you have been after a 67-68 and are tweaked the price is up, I stand with you , because I want everyone to have the toy they want. If you aint in either of those 2 categories , yet love to Eleanor bash, see A.
  6. Why is it that every thread like this turns into an Eleanor bashing contest? :rolleyes:
  7. Carrol during the show, said that the later Shelby's were more show then go. So why do people get angry about the 67 Eleanor, and not the 68-70 Shelby's, which are just as functional?

    Read, I said get angry about the 67 Eleanor, I am not talking about those who are angry at how they are making them and killing off 67 fastbacks. Though I think that your just looking for something to point your finger at and say "Look, another reason to hate Eleanor!" because most of you hated Eleanor since the movie came out. Personally, Eleanor is what got me interested in Mustangs.. then I found out that it wasn't real, found the real Mustangs, and like them a lot more. Eleanor has some nice touches, but it was for a movie. And as for ruining cars for movies.... Go look at that "Pontiac GTO" Movie that was on TBS or whatever, now thats the way you ruin a car. We should all be happy that Eleanor wasn't put in THAT design teams hand. (BTW, Whatever movie that was, it was horrible)

    Wow, I was all over the board. But, how many times are we going to hear that the tear down of 67's is horrible. We all know this, lets move on.
  8. Hopkinator,

    It isn't necessarily that I hate Eleanors, I hate what Unique Performance and Carroll Shelby are now doing to this hobby with continuation cars. I actually liked the car "Eleanor" when the movie came out (except the damn hood...just don't like that really) and I am all for people like you building YOURSELF a clone or likeness of Eleanor that suits your taste and desires as that is what this hobby is all about....but Carrol Shelby is now just a whore with his continuation cars and is thumbing his nose at all the little guys that have made this hobby what it is and kept him in the spotlight and the $$$ all these years.
  9. Yeah, I kinda stated the same thing in my post, it's Carroll and his boys that I hate more than anything, but I'll be the first to step forward and proudly say " well, shes just ugly .." if it'll help mend any bruised ego's or get folks off their soap box. People who dislike the car have the same rights to make thier opinions known as those who like it and blaming that under the guise of jealousy as the only option is the (and I'm going on a limb here) dumbest thing I have heard yet. The whole huffy thing is ridiculous. Why would Matt be jealous if he was riding around on an original bike, at least he's an individual and not trying to be an attention grabbing poser. Anyone in this hobby who only cares about his particular year and model and nothing about the entire embodiment of what is Mustanging is a like a fair weather fan who only supports the team when they win. You either care about them all or you only care about yourself.

    You can try to stir the pot all you want Hop but you are looking for a fight in the wrong place. You can alter analogies all you wan't, it won't bother me. I have no issues with the back yard guy doing it (though it still perplexes me how anyone can ever believe it looks better than a stock GT500, a 67' fastback maybe, but not a GT500) it's the idea of a production line extremely over priced custom that I will never agree with especially since it's being done the way it is with real cars to get around 2004 safety and EPA standards and line their pockets with more money instead of doing it as they would all the Cobra knockoffs. Becasue of the level of greed and disrespect they show for the hobby and what made this a hobby to begin with. Even if I was a pathetic looser high on heroin and thought Eleanor was the most beautiful car on the planet and that it would finally make people notice me and get me some badly needed attention, I still wouldn't make one for myself simply because it would show support of what they are doing and I just happen to care more about the hobby as a whole than I do myself, that just happens to be me.

    Look, I love KFC, but I recently learned that the people who supply them with the chickens have been found to uneccisarily mistreat their animals, I mean serioulsy uncalled for abuse just for their own sh:ts and giggles. Does that mean I like the taste any less? Hell no, but will I buy it anymore? Hell no. Why? Because a boycott has been proven as an affective way to get a corporation to change their policies when an injustice is being done. Simply put, I care more about what is being done to the chicken than I do about filling my belly with the chicken no matter how tasty it is. Does that mean I am jealous of those folks still eating it while I'm sitting across the street munching on my burger instead? Hell no, but I do pity them for they know not what they do. Does that mean I should picket them and protest? Hell no again, not my style, I only worry about my conscience when I try to sleep at night, but if they are in an open discussion about it I sure has hell will make my opinion known that's for sure, maybe I'll even save a soul along the way, all the better, but I'll be damned if I'll let some selfish pig stuffing chicken in his mouth tell me I have no right to make my stand and try to enlighten someone. At least I care about more than myself to attempt doing so.
  10. Pak, are you motivational speaker by chance? because you got one hell of a way with words!! :nice:
  11. LOL, nope, I'm just passionate about things I believe in, perhaps too much so at times, but it's better than not caring about anything or one but yourself.
  12. :banana:
  13. :lol: Undoubtedly the worlds biggest ass (and I say that with the same level of respect that use frenchy). Are you really a moron or do you just play one on the PC? Original does not mean stock, I never said stock. Original means unlike the others, dfferent, unique. How many Mach 1 looking 69' convertibles have you seen? Are the things on it real 69' options or make believe movie fantasy? That's attention grabbing posing, you can't even compare them, not even in your world. If it was I stirring the pot then who was the "For the sake of anonymity, some names have been altered" for????? The fact that you are so defensive the momment someone has an opinion of their own that tells me you are even insecure about it yourself but couldn't back down at this stage after the stink you have made about it so you have to defend your actions at every single turn. I said nothing different than Ronstang even though it may have been expressed differently but your weak and you just can't take me having a difference of opinion than you, that's what it is. That's why you pick and choose parts of my post and quote them out of context and then reply to only that becasue you can't stand to admit for even a second that I might be right about my hating Carroll and unique for what they made it into and are doing to the hobby and not neccessarily the car itself. Oh no god forbid that you could ever agree with me on any level when comes to this car that you can't seperate your personalty from for even a second, no, that's not disturbing at all. How long now until you ask us and everyone to start calling you by Randall?

    BTW, reply all you want and as you want becasue I am taking a lesson, I'm adding you to my block list like the others have. I promised I would't let you get me too in public on the forum and I'm keeping it, so if the discussion continues it all be one sided. Have fun big guy! :spot:
  14. :rlaugh: NAMES NAMES NAMES !!! :rlaugh:
    Ok Frenchy,,, , whichever you prefer, I well knew you would take that route, and thats all fine and Jim Dandy , . Your ABSOLUTE HATRED you have for Eleanor is not normal... Breathe... Breathe..... I think the shoe construction business has left you with two brain cells . And Im beginning to think that one is on life support.... But lets not dwell on your shortcomings. Your anger is hilarious. I tried to simplify things for your french shoemaking brain, alas they remain too difficult for your comprehension , so perhaps it is best you indeed add me to your ignore list. Give that last brain cell a fighting chance. :D . Come to think of it, it is a french brain cell, so , will it fight ?.. :rlaugh: Allright Im sorry I couldnt resist that one !! Seriously, I wont type any more big words that may throw you off , Ill keep it simple. The bottom line here is that YOU, FRENCHY , are hiding some other deep seeded emotion you have about Eleanor . Let it out.. Youll feel better. :) Talk to us. You are the only one that stomps rants and raves about Eleanor with ,such,,,emotion. And why? Really doesnt take an academian to see through ya chief. Sigmund Freud need not be exhumed to label this .... And truthfully, as far as clicking "ignore" , isnt that a type of "not wanting to deal with something " anymore? As in surrender. As in the great French pastime.... :rlaugh: ok ok Ill stop.!
  15. Pak,

    The guys mistreating birds at KFC's henhouse were fired. It's OK to go to KFC again.

    I do have one question, why didn't anybody get upset when Carrol Shelby bought bone stock Mustangs from Ford 39 years ago, most certainly threw out some stock parts to add his own, and sell them at a price that was cost prohibitive for the common man, but now that he's doing it 39 years later with shell's bought from individuals (and I doubt he's buying show worthy cars) and doing the same thing half of this board is pissed off about it? I really don't see a difference. HE'S DOING THE SAME THING!

    I didn't like the comment about the Mustang being a 'secretary's car', though.
  16. It is because original parts are not readily available from ford and that 67-68 mustangs are not made anymore. . .They are now rare, then they were not, you could go to a dealer and get one new yourself.
  17. While I do understand your point, I still think it's all relative. These cars are being built for people of wealth, people who don't have the time/skill/know how/etc. to build their own like most of us do. Just like back in the '60's, original Shelby owners didn't build their cars that way, they bought them. Of course the average joe could blow two weeks pay and rent one for a weekend, but that didn't last forever, either.

    And I stand behind my earlier statement about what these cars do for our hobby. Maybe not so much for teenagers getting into the hobby, but for those of us already in it makes what we do and have more noticeable to the general public, making us to be more hobbiest/enthusiest/car collector than gearhead greasemonkey hotrodders.

    And I'm happy for you Ron that you have a real Shelby. I'm envious. And I know I'll never be able to afford one unless I win the lottery and buy one off of someone that just happens to have the last long forgotten real Shelby sitting in a field just waiting to be restored. Only then will I be able to have the time and money to own the real thing.

    Of course I work with a guy that still refers to classic Mustangs as 'glorified mavericks' (yes, he tries to be a pr!ck).

    This is and probably will always be one of those Ford/chevy coupe/convertible/fastback democrat/republican etc. type of arguments. Why not just agree to disagree and listen to others opinions without getting nasty.
  18. Thanks for the tip about KFC, that is good to know, maybe I'll have some for lunch today. :banana:

    I still see the two as a totally different thing, here's why. When Carroll did this originally, what was a plain Mustang worth? Say $2500? And a Shelby version less than double, right? What is the same Mustang worth today, maybe another 10k added to it in general? So is the new Shelby E selling for 25k then to keep things in perspective? I don't think so. I'm sorry, but Mustangs were never intended to be a rich boys toy and this isn't even Carroll's design for petes sake, it is from the head of Chip Foose. Do you see anyone mass producing his other creations? I don't think so. Why? Because they are customs. To your point I do not have any where near as much of an issue with the GT350SR he is doing, though I still have mixed feelings about it being registered since I understand how those who have slaved to restore theirs feel about it. However, people have been knocking him off for years and cloning and immitating, so hell he should be able to also just like the whole Cobra thing, after all, it's HIS creation. This is a totally different story though, not the same thing at all and it has gotten way out of hand. Just because he gave it his blessing does not make it his and you would not see Saleen or Roush producing a movie car version of their own mods instead of their own design because they have pride in their own work not someones interpratation of their own work. Can you imagine if I started to draw up pictures of say Superman wearing a monicle and top hat like Mr. Peanut and plastered them everywhere and it became a cult hit on the net then suddenly DC comics says hey, I like that, let's officially remake superman that way from now on and not only do they endorse it but they go back and remake all the cartoons and movies with that digitally entered in. Boy would the fans b:tch and moan at that one. Why? Because it's WRONG. Even if DC thought they could make millions doing it, they wouldn't. Why? Because they know their design is better and they still have a little thing called integrity. If he want's to mass produce his own GT500 or make his own restomod, I say go for it. If folks want to make their own Eleahore clone, let them (prefarably from a basket case plain jane though like all restomods should be) but mass producing one of customs at enormous prices because of a passing fancy fad is wrong and if it wasn't than the Foose's and the Coddington's of the world would already be doing it, but they happen to care about the reasons they started doing it more than the almighty dollar. Dollars can be earned in a variety of other ways without selling ones soul to get it.

    BTW, has Dandy Randy gone yet? All I see now is: This message is hidden because Randall Paines Indeass is on your ignore list. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner, this feature is great. :banana:
  19. I told you so!:p
  20. I know, I know, lesson learned.
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