OT: What does everyone do for a living

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  1. I work full time in the evening as a cashier/manager at a Safeway grocery store in phoenix
    Also full time college student getting my associates in admistrations of justice
  2. go to school. looking for a job.
  3. When I was single, I was practicing to be a gynocologist :D , now I'm a machinist...
  4. I was a carpenter, until I got a sizeable inheritance at the age of 35. Retired now, and take care of the house. I get room and board and all the sex I want from my lovely wife.
  5. Graphic designer in the marketing department of a newspaper. :)
  6. sale rep I sell bikes to bicycle shops
  7. Full-time student at Marquette University here.
  8. I have a BS in biology but I'm currently unemployed and helping my mom remodel the house.

  9. I weave baskets, UNDERWATER !!!!!!
  10. I am the parts manager for a repair shop that works on BMW, Mercedes, And Jags.
  11. sub machanic @ sub base point loma, ca.......US NAVY
  12. I'm a designer/engineer in the research & development department for the Timberland Company. I am currently working on Novelty Kids shoes for outdoor adventure.

    No sh:t Oz, really? Wow, that's cool, kinda like Michael Nesmith I guess. So then, which one are you? :p


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  13. No sh:t Pak. Got 350 large when my grandpa passed on and left me the farm so to speak. The investment income supliments my wife's income. I like to fish as well.

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  14. Student and in debt up to my ears. Thank you Texas State Legislature a 59% increase in tuition is what I always wanted. So much for finishing the stang.
  15. BS Degree In Mgmt Info Systems

    Currently a Software engineer, mechanical, Electronics/Quality for the Federal Govt

    Also have my own small powdercoating business and part restoration.
  16. I run the National Multi-Family Division of a Cabinet Door company
  17. Development Engineer on General Dynamics Stage IV Liquid Fuel Propulsion Units , NASA Contracted Division ...

    Ok I cant back that up.... Sorry.
  18. I've got a BS in Marketing, Almost done my MBA, have over 10 yrs experience and am currently laid off :notnice: :shrug: :bang:
  19. wow we have an educated bunch
  20. auto technician w/smog license.