OT: What does everyone do for a living

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  1. What I do

    Mechanical Engineer and Customer service for a company that manufactures Cinema and special large-screen Projection systems, specializing in optics.

    Part time, Contributing editor for Hemmings and other Mustang magazines, and Shelby & Cobra authenticator for RAI.

    (not to mention SAAC regional rep and full-time Dad!)
  2. I'm with speedy66, I'm just a lowly milkman. :D And for ten years before that I was welding and machinist trash (inside joke). I always hated school. I vowed never to return after high school. Thats why I do manual labor everyday. Hey, all you young'ins GO TO SCHOOL !
  3. I'm a mechanical engineer, I currently work in an industrial fabrication shop. Basically, I get to build/design/test stuff and play with heavy equipment all day.
  4. im the only mechanic in truck repair shop for 2 years now, and love the hell out of it. before that i changed tires for about a month( they told me id work as a mechanic) and before that i was a tank mechanic in the army(loved the test drives also reduced the tree population in Ft. Sill).
  5. BA in Criminal Justice, changed from Mechanical Engineering.

    Thinking of moving on to MA soon. If not work.

    Don't work, Just spend money. I'm 21.
  6. Junior in High school, Part time at Cold Stone Creamery, (ice cream joint). I used to work in a garage cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning for 30 bucks a week :notnice: Now I'm at cold stone the most bs job in the world getting paid a average of 250 every 2 weeks + tips :nice:

  7. install and repair tech for sprint for 8 years. befor that cable splicer. mostly just trouble maker although that doesn't pay as good. And I am paid to live in sunny Florida. I drive my stangs year round. Aint life great.
  8. I'm a CAD Drafter for a prominant Landscape Architecture Firm. I design planting, irrigation and the wall designs for projects such as Walmart, Sams club, schools, freeways, parks etc. I also restore and work on other people's cars on the side as well as training guide dogs for the blind. I'm also a full time student taking 16 credit hours at ASU.

  9. And when exactly is it you sleep. Relax and take a breath man :D
  10. Master Certified Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Tech...

    I have been a tech for 15 years now....

  11. Police Officer, have been for the past 2 1/2 years. While in college did a little bit of a lot of different things, carpentry, drywall, retail, was the service manager for a Pep Boys...the list goes on and on.

  12. I currently play bass guitar in a local metal band.
  13. "Phone Guy"; install/maintain/troubleshoot POTS, Centrex, and PBX systems; now doing mux'd and "dry line" DSL, 256k/256k up to 4MB/7MB (up/down)data rates.

    That is, when our Area Manager isn't out of town and I'm strapped, chained and velcro'ed to his stinkin' desk! I may be good at it; but I hate running the crew for weeks at a time! :mad:

    Still Dreamin'
  14. Full time student majoring in Mechanical Engineering and part time lube tech.

  15. BSIE, MBA, now RETIRED from Safety Director for S.C. group of plants of a little company you may have heard of... I won't mention the name, but the initials are BFG. Main avocation now is President of a chapter of Widowed Persons Organization.
  16. my job...not life

    BS Chemistry/Math minor. I work at nuclear waste areas analyzing nuclear waste to determine % Plutonium, if there is enough Pu, we ship the waste drums to NM. Get to travel some :(, that means I miss my wife and don't get to work on the car....will soon be in Livermore, Ca
  17. Full time student studying mechanical engineering at virginia tech. I have a co-op working summers at a local naval research lab to assist in the finances.
  18. tech support for one of the biggest wireless companies in the US. i build spreadsheets all day too, go figure, tech support=speadsheets?
  19. Registered Nurse working as the 7-3 (and occasional 3-11) Nursing Supervisor of a 150 bed Nursing Home, for fun I'm a volunteer Firefighter / EMT. :nice:
  20. High school bum, AF mechanic for 4 years, TV salesman, insurance salesman and have been a telecom tech for the last 31 years. Am presently working on becoming a retired bum. :D