OT: What does everyone do for a living

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  1. Retired Materials manager, Production and Inventory Control Manager, Project Manager for last 2 years. Just went back to work PT as furniture sales/buyer to earn spare change for stang parts. ( and in partners with wife selling Avon !! )
  2. Operations supervisor at Valero Refining. (And its not my fault that gasoline prices are high, so don't crucify me :p ).
  3. oh yeah i forgot the best part.. As of June I will be starting my application process to become a police officer

    Average for me is like 3.5 hrs a night...I feel for ya ob
  4. I'm a Chemical Engineer working in a pulp / paper mill as a Technical Assistant. Working way too many hours lately - the 'Stang hasn't received any attention!
  5. For me it's about 4 during the week and 5 on weekends (depending on what's going on). At times like last semester i was at 2.5-3 hrs a night (with a day or two a month where i just crash and sleep for 8 hours straight). It was a very hard semester.
  6. you said that on the last thread with this topic. you can't be holding on to that job forever, you know.
  7. They can't find anyone to replace me :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  8. That's what happens when you become indispensible :D

  9. Talk about indispensible, I'm the only non-tenured teacher to not be let go by cut backs in the last four years in my district. I'm a Special Ed. Junior High teacher for students with behavior problems. One step before the department of corrections. :nonono: If the regular teachers can't handle them, they come to me.
  10. I have an aunt who does that.

  11. Lincoln Mercury Dealer Parts Mgr for 35 years.
  12. Where to start?

    8 1/2 years active duty as a radar tech, 5 years now in reserves as a Computer tech, Half a mechanical engineering degree, probably going to change to computer or electrical when I go back to school, but just got hired as a systems integrator for a company that provides remote interfaces for broadcast companies' receive sites, among other fun electronic stuff.
  13. Oh yeah, I also breed fish. It's actually more of a hobby, though. I make a little bit of money (but not much) and I also get discounts at the store I sell the fish to.

  14. Electrical Engineering specializing in aerospace applications.
  15. I work at a Veterinary Hospital. My "official" title is Kennel Technician. I take care of all of the animals and clean everything. When I'm not at the Hospital, I'm taking care of 50 dogs, 5 cats, 2 horses, and 2 goats (and the crazy old lady who lives with them).
  16. I feel for you, what a tough job on poor pay. I'll take the Iraqis, thanks anyway :nonono:
  17. Hey!!! We have something in common! I also work with the mentally challenged. Of course. one of them is my boss...

  18. You realize, that students in any sped program have IEPs that must be met by law. Behavior IEPs are just as debilitating for the student as low functioning, mentally challenged students. I question your comment about the other teachers not being able to "handle" them. You must know, that other teachers can or could handle them, it just wouldn't be fair to the other students in the classroom for them to take instructional time away to deal with a student with behavior problems. There currently is a shortage in ESL and Sped teachers nationwide. I suspect that is the reason why you haven't been RIF'd.
  19. I'm a certified outboard mechanic, also a student pursueing my associates in business
  20. IT Dweeb, over 13 years now...