OT: What does everyone do for a living

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  1. Spoken like a true toe-humper!:rolleyes:
  2. Now I dont if I should dispute that or not :scratch: What is the criteria for becoming a toe humper?

  3. Piece of cake for a guy of your stature - just have to be too short to hump legs! :p

    Still Dreamin'
  4. 3rd Year at UCSD for Aerospace Engineering. I want to get into material science aspect. Currently have a internship at Quatro Composites working with carbon fiber and no we don't make rice hoods or rice dash trim kits. I need to make a decision soon on either grad school right away or go into industry and make some $ (i'm tired of being a poor student :) ) So should i take the GRE and apply to grad schools in hope of the economy picking up in 3 years, or dive straight into industry and hopefully get a job?
  5. Is it ? Cant get past the satanic tattoo . :notnice:
  6. Tattoo? It's a scar from the alien abduction. They cut him open and dissected him. That also explains why he glows. Aliens = glowing. I guess they put the horns on him because they had a twisted sense of humor.

    Anyway, I thought he looked cool. You can turn off Avatar viewing for posts, or you can ignore him. Whichever works best for you. Sorry if I come off as rude, but it's just a picture. It doesn't have to be satanic unless you make it out to be.
  7. Hmm.. Well, I try and live in a nice little place called reality , where apples are apples, oranges are oranges , and upside down crosses in the same photo with goats horns are satanic. But thats just me....
  8. Sigh.. Is it better now?

    In reality, mountain goat horns are not satanic. In reality, "Eleanor" was not a real GT500. In the movie, they were all plain jane fastbacks modified highly. Everyone has their own ideas about reality. If you would like to discuss it, we can make our own thread about it. That would be cool with me.

    The horns still rock. :banana:
  9. Heehee HAHAH :rlaugh: How did "Eleanor " enter into this ???
    Ok , Im just kidding. I know ... I know the subject of Eleanor is a rallying cry for help against me, but friend, and I say that only because you altered that sacreligious avatar , you would be hard pressed to find others here in support of satanic symbolization. And call it what you like, goat horns, goat heads pictued alongside images of upside down crosses , or pentagrams or the like, are indeed satanic. Now if you are not a Christian , Ill pray you see the light. As a Christian , I was personally offended at the symbol which is a direct shot at Christianity . As for launching an attack on me for my defending the Cross , be careful , if the subject of Eleanor is the most potent weapon in your arsenal .....
  10. I'm a sales rep for a watch company. I drive a VW TDI durring the week and my 66 stang on weekends!

  11. It's funny, but naturally I was going to raise the same point about supposedly living in reality yet making a GT500 something it aughtent be. heh heh. :p Let's just remember that regardless of intended or unintended symbols that this country is all about freedom including religion regardless of what is printed on all the currency we spend, even satanism.

    If I was you penguin, I'd put it back the way it was if it makes you happy, there is no hell or devil anyway, and if there is then the Mormons are likely the only ones who won't be spending eternity with him anyway.
  12. Pak, I never took you for a non-believer. During many of my travels, I have been in some situations which proved to me that there was in deed a God. And if one believes in God, then he must surely believe in the "other" guy. I agree with the freedom thing, except for the folks that want to practise any sort of supremacy or disagree with anything I say. :rlaugh:
  13. It's ok, I didn't modify the penguin in the first place, so it doesn't bother me. As for this lovely "hell penguin" discussion, it has been continued in the thread titled "The Hopkinator." I didn't mean to take this thread off topic so I made that one. Feel free to go there and say your peace. Or not. Whatever brings the sunshine out of rabbits. :banana:
  14. Network Administrator for a Clinical Research Organization. I am responsible for a network of 60 or so computers, about 1000 workstations and other various pieces of network hardware (switches and routers).
  15. I would not classify myself as a non believer. I was born and raised a very strict Catholic, but as I got older I began to realize that many of the people in the front rows at mass on Sunday were the biggest hypocrits I met in my life because they would sing and praise so loudly in front of everyone yet go out and act like biggots or be unkind to strangers or whatever in their daily life. I decided that the God I'd like to believe in would prefer I live every day being the best person I can and not the one that just shows up to mass. If he is that type of God, than I find it hard to beleive that just because you may have been brought up in a different faith family or one of no faith at all that you would now be condemned eternally to hell for it. That's just foolish. If somone so powerful would create all this just to punish us in the end for being human and weak (something he made us) then I would want no part of that. (I won't even go into all the priest/alterboy issues) The bible is great as a guideline and to develop ones conscience for the future, but that is all I see it as now. I can open up a dialouge with him whenever and where ever I need to and show my appreciation for life to him by my daily actions and moral fiber because I know it's right, but never out of fear and hell is a fear tactic, something the catholic religion likes to use alot. With all the faiths in the world, I don't see how only one can be right, yet how could more than one be if they differ so? Besides if I am wrong and we are here simply to serve and praise until we die, then at least the Catholoic faith has one big thing going for it to fall back on, the end all be all of legal loop holes. On my death bed if I sincerely am sorry and ask for forgiveness I will absolved of all my transgressions thus leveling the playing field between me and the holy rollers so I fail to see how I can loose really. :shrug:
  16. AMEN!:hail2:

  17. Well said Pak. We have alot in common. I see many "cults" in the word using religion to settle their own agendas. The Catholics usually just change the "rules" as they see fit. And remember, they were once the governing power behind the power in old Europe. I mean, look at me wrong and I'll have you burned for being a witch. I too have adapted the "I have my own personal relationship with the Lord" faith. It works for me and mine. :nice: