Otc 6918 Spark Plug Tool

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  1. Have any of you used the OTC 6918 Spark Plug removal tool?

    This tool is used to remove the spark plugs and its supposed to keep them from breaking upon removal.

    Its different from the Lisle 65600 tool as this tool is only used if a spark plug is already broken.

    Any feedback or reviews on the OTC 6918 will be greatly appreciated. I'm getting supply and parts together as I'm planning on a cam swap and running new exhaust sometime early 2014 and figured I'd go ahead with new spark plugs as well before tuning.
  2. I've never used it, but I can safely say that two-piece plugs are fairly easy to remove without breaking them. Just spray a little penetrating oil down around the plugs, let it soak for a solid 20-30 minutes, and be gentle and deliberate when using a ratchet. I pulled all eight of my factory plugs out of my 50,000 mile '06 without a hitch.
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  3. And make sure your engine is absolutely cool.
  4. Thanks for the tips Timjimmy
  5. Sure thing. Let me know if you have any issues.
  6. I Actually just used the tool (not my first choice) but even soaking in PB Blaster and taking it easy two of them broke. But that tool is worth every penny it costs. Came out without a hitch!
  7. Hmmm, I'm not sure what to tell you. I've had good luck with that method and have known several others who have as well. How many miles/how long since the plugs were pulled?
  8. It has 60,000 miles and they hadn't been changed before. Six of them came out just fine....
  9. Blow the tunnels out with compressed air before pulling the plugs. A lot of dirt collects there, and you need to keep that out of the combustion chamber.
  10. I pulled mine at 60,000, no issues. But I put PB Blaster in the night before, waited about an hour, then loosened them just enough to say I moved them. Next morning I went slow and easy. No problems at all.
    I run the Champion 7989 one piece plugs now, I have 100,000 miles on them with no issues. I pulled and cleaned them at 50,000 (110,000 on that car then). Soon as we get a warm weekend I will change them putting new Champions back in. Never cared for Champion, but they've been great.
  11. I have the same problem (cheap two pieces) so when I get the cojones to try and pull them myself, what are a good set of plugs to replace the stockers with? Stock GT, no mods except a cold air kit and tune. I have 142K miles on my 07 GT.
  12. I would just go back to the cheap two pieces, by the time you need to replace them you will probably be on another car or motor.
  13. In this thread, penetrating lubricant has been mentioned and has worked well for some folks.

    I just wanted to add that in recent research of this subject I have learned that a decarbonizing solvent in place of penetrating lubricant seems to work better. This is what Ford is now recommending. Their solvent looks like Seafoam, which is a carburetor cleaner, decarboinizing type solvent.

    I think for most anyone who twist bolts, even occasionally, it is very natural to grab your favorite penetrating oil, whether it be Aerokroil, PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench or whatever. In the rare case of these plugs, however, it is a different issue that causes trouble, Carbon.

    With these plugs, lubrication is not nearly as important as softening the carbon to release the carbon bond on the area below the threads. I have had very good success by removing all the coils, blowing out all the trash and then putting Seafoam in each well. Then crack the spark plugs loose JUST ENOUGH to open the tapered seal to allow the Seafoam to soak past the threads into the area where they can loosen the carbon. I then leave it overnight and add Seafoam again the next morning and let it soak at least a half hour or so to make sure the carbon and solvent has not dried out. The plugs then back out with no trouble.

    I am just pointing out that this has worked well for me and that Ford has even moved away from recommending Kroil and recommend their carb cleaner instead.

    Hope this is of some use to someone.
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  14. I knew it was a carbon issue, but never thought of using something to break down carbon. That makes WAY more sense. That will be the way I do it the next change.
  15. I used Seafoam to soften the carbon when I changed my plugs, worked like a charm.
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  16. I used Sea foam soaked em in PB blast for an hour prior to removal. 6 came out ok 2 broke. Some people get lucky and others don't. I will say for the 2 that broke I used the Lisle tool bought it at O'Riley auto parts for $100 bucks and took the 2 broken plugs out in 5 mins. Well worth the money I also have other Fords with 2 piece plugs so I will hang on to that nice little tool.