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  1. If I'm caught watching **** at work I have to provide boss with link :)

  2. HEHE......I have the same deal.
    My boss forwards me all types of topless videos and stuff, course his wife has a killer set of bolt ons.

    Its safe to say he is boob guy:D
  3. You see....
    The bottom line here is this:

    So... the individuals that are whining and complaining about the content of the Talk section, should not be in the section at all. Your section is 0UT THERE in Tech. No-one (I've checked) has forced or even asked members to come into the talk section. So please... do not feel like you have any obligation whatsoever to participate in this portion of the 5oh forum.

    For the complainers: It's simple... if you don't like the Talk content then move on.

    Sure... I allow things in the Talk section that other mods across the board do not. I assist those mods in enforcing the policies that they have set for their forums. Here though, I have taken what Timeless2 has told me to heart. The Talk section within my forum(s) will be for meeting and greeting and socializing and shooting the breeze and cutting up or whatever. Mindless rants are also acceptable (like this one :D).

    I do occationally move videos and such that are not of a Mustang nature to the moving pictures forum (usually leaving a redirect so that the audience the poster had intended can find their way to it) but other than that.... I'm not very picky about the content in Talk...

    So long as....

    The conversation is amicable...
    The thread and posts follow the lines of common decency...
    None of the forums terms of service are broken...

    Here's the scary part!..

    I get to decide what is commonly decent and what goes or doesn't go in the 5oh forums within the guidelines set by those staff members that hired me! :eek: Here's the scariest part... I have an AWFUL lot of leeway to decide how these forums are operated! :jaw:

    So run for the hills! I'm here to stay.

    Final thought... My little text blog here, is not intended to instruct the complainers not to post their complaints. You are just as welcome to post how much you hate the Talk forum as DMAN is to mindlessly post the word NOODLE. What I do intend though, is to make it perfectly clear that although you can post it.... it's not going to change how I choose to moderate the Talk forum.

    ...and by the way...
    Regardless of what anyone thinks of the Talk forum... you all should at least have SOME idea of the amount of time and effort I expend in trying to keep the Tech forum, purely technical in nature. So... the way I look at it, we have the best of both worlds! :)
  4. Uh...Word.
  5. :SNSign: NOODLE:OT: NOOOBLE:ban:

  6. im in the mood for some buttered noodles.. :drool:

    m&m's ftw
  7. fowl mouth!!!!FOWL MOUTH
    *Staggers out of room drunk again before 10am...shame really :(

  8. So if im getting this correctly...

    Noodle = Noooble = Nubiles?

  9. :drool:
  10. spoken like a professional, that actually made sense! half my time here is reading the nonsense and babble and i've yet to understand some of the crazy ****znit and inside jokes ya'll talk about. but its still funny. go to tech if you need tech right?!

  11. Most of the "Inside" jokes aren't even inside at all...

    Take "Noodle" for instance... that's just DMAN's way of saying "Hello I'm a Tard" :nice:
  12. Tard noodles?
  13. That's just me putting it to the man!!!
  14. Oh well, keep on keeping on, as long as I continue to not post any new threads in here, I have no worries of it getting derailed...

    I look forward to reading the next cool words to derail someone elses threads, and seeing where they go from there...

    Again: sits back in chair and waits for the next posts to go way of the derailments. :D
  15. Please remove/replace. Thanks.
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