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  1. Checkin in, anyone else? :canada:
  2. Ottawa, no.....Sudbury. But I know there's at least one or two guys here from Orleans
  3. Ottawa here

  4. Wow! We have 2!!! A Total of 2!!!!
  5. Aylmer QC - close enough?
  6. LoL sorry for the slow reply, but yes I think thats close ;)
  7. I'm in Ottawa - Orleans! Where are you?

    I never check these forums! :canada:
  8. Kanata sorry for the slow reply lol was on vacation :)
  9. St Lazare Qc! (but my g/f is in Hawksbury ;) )
  10. well, I'm stangless again.;.... workin on gettin another.... but still in Kanata ;) :canada::canada:
  11. ottawa here ... get on that again ( get another stang james )
  12. Apparently someone knows me LOL, yes I know I need another one!