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  1. I knew it will happen sooner or later but never cross my mind that it will be this way. Yesterday I was getting my vert ready for Sunday’s Ford's Annual show here on the island when I notice a small exhaust leak on " X" pipe exit to the mufflers. Since the muffler shop is about a mile away I drove it down to get it fixed. When I returned back I noticed that my property slide gate, a 28' x 5' 600 pounds didn't close complete due to a branch from one of my wife’s trees dropping right in front of the end stop upper area making it stop a few inches from the end. We had just repaired the gate a week ago and the safety photocell was found damage so it was removed temporally and a new one was in its way from eBay. The closing timer was working allowing 4 minutes of time before the gate will auto close. Due to the sharp "U" turn to enter the property and the short turn radius of my steering I have to backup to enter. The timer didn't reset cuz of the incomplete closure and before I realize the gate was in top of my vert while I was pulling forward. The damage is major. The rear quarter is bended, the wheel flair was destroyed, the side scoop was damage and the door was pushed in at the handle side misaligning and bending it inside a bit. The GT stripes are buried under 3 coats of clear so the have to be replaced at the quarter side and to make matters worse the paint match it's going to be a big headache.:mad::(

  2. very sad.....man o man
  3. That blows!
  4. thats what insurance is for. sorry man but at least your covered