35th Anniv OUCH!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 35th Anniv LE, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Pretty bad, but fixable. Thank God.
  2. Holy crap, Id part it out for the interior/body parts and make a killing...lol.
  3. :owned:

    Sucks to be that guy, thats was a nice car.
  4. Hey Voorhees. You should run the serial number just for fun. See what production number it was. LoL
  5. Its number 267 of 4628.
  6. How can you tell from the serial number if it's the 35th Anniversary edition?

  7. I have a list of all 4,628 1999 "Limited Edition" GT Mustangs. If the VIN in on my list, then its the real thing.
  8. Can you check this VIN for me please:


  9. Sorry dude, but your VIN isn't on my list. Your Mustang must have the special two-tone charcoal and silver interior/Hood scoop/special rockers/wheels/35th bezel/side scoops/rear applique'/etc to be a "Limited Edition".
    If not, its a standard GT.
  10. can you tell me what production # this is.


    Thanks man. And if anyone is willing to help me make a 35th anniversary website, Im gunna try to see if I can pull it off.

  11. That VIN# is #1824 of 4628.
  12. I'm interested, let me know i would definately help.