1. My son was coming home from school the other day and got rear ended by another kid in a junked up Mitsubishi. I was a little perturbed to say the least.




  2. Did the Gilligan in the mitsu have insurance?
  3. Yeah...Geico. Hope that lizard doesn't show up. Taking it Thursday for an estimate.
  4. i hate that lizard. doesn't look real bad ,new rear valance ,bumper and a little massage to the tail panel and rear quarter .did it buckle over the wheel well?
  5. Just a little crease in the lower rear quarter right where the valance meets the fender. I'd like to keep as much of the original parts as I can. I know that valance is toast though.
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  6. That really sucks. At least it wasn't as bad as a blue fastback I saw recently.

    Once it gets repaired, I suggest upgrading the tail lights. I prefer the Scott Drake 3 bulb housings. You can do either sequential or non sequential. The other option is Mustang Project LED tail lights.
  7. Something tells me that trailer hitch got him better than he got your son. Damn Mitsubishi Kamikaze drivers.:flag:
  8. Yeah...the trailer hitch saved some damage. It's in the shop now...a restoration place. Not many traditional shops wanted to touch it. Should have it back this week. Going to have the whole car painted while it is there. A year of high school kids dinging the doors and fenders has taken it's toll. Should look nice when we get it back.
  9. off topic, but is that a dealer add on type hitch?? I was thinking about getting one for a little fiberglass trailer i want to fix up for car shows with a bbq,tv/stereo,tools etc. I dont think it will weigh over 500lbs. I see it bolts to the bumper bolts, where else does it attatch???

  10. they attach in front of the gass tank in the trunk floor and at the rear trunk brace .and also in the rear bumper. i used to have a couple of them here some where.
  11. Yeah...and it tore the trunk floor a bit where the hitch was attached. So it saved further damage to the rear in exchange for some sheet metal rework in the trunk. Car looks good. The hitch is gone now so it's a little cleaner. I have to take care of some clear overspray but overall I good with the repair.
  12. Make sure to get depreciation..... You have to disclose it was in an accident now, therefore not able to ask "excellent" condition price for it anymore.
  13. No worries...it will never be for sale