Our 1st Cars

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  1. 1983 Town Car. White Exterior with White Rag top and Porno Red Velour interior.
  2. 1972 beetle convertible. Had installed a Porsche 914 engine and doghouse style fan. Top speed wasn't much better but it would get up and go. Floors and frame rotted out and i had to retire it.
  3. 1972 Pinto runabout, paid $150.00 for it and beat the living s**t out of it through high school. That car just would not die. I hit a deer with it and messed up the right front fender. Went to school with deer fur stuck in the fender, kind of made me "most popular " for the day Lol.
  4. 8v 91 vw GTi. Go cart it was! Bottom got tired of the 1.8 and put a 2.0 audi bottom end with my 8v head with a 75 shot. Boy it would surprise some folks!
  5. I owned several cars before I even had my license and never got to drive any of them beyond my driveway and back yard. One happened to be a super rare '74 Buick Apollo GSX that I loved to death but my mother sold because it needed so much work. I also had a '78 and '81 Regal, and a '78 Grand Prix (I grew up in a GM family). My first official car that I got to drive and spend a lot of time with was a '87 Cavalier Z24, and for what it's worth that car had some balls for a NA 4 banger.
  6. I got a 81 Buick regal off my aunt for $250 and start on my first build by the time I was done me and my dad had done just about everything paint, engine, trans, rear end ect ect and was way to fast for a 16 year old kid got my first drag racing ticket and speeding ticket in the same week

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  7. Worked my arse off at Subway at age 16 to buy an '85 Camaro Z28 with a 350 crate motor. It ran like :poo: (probably something simple fuel or spark related, but I was young and dumb), but had new paint and a mint interior with T tops. The girls liked how nice it looked and sounded when I drove slow. ;) Then I bought my '89 GT that ran like a raped ape, and I never looked back at those bow ties again.
  8. '86 F150 302 4speed...After having owned almost 80 vehicles since then, I still miss that one the most.
  9. Same here. Though I had mine for 12 years now.
  10. a 289 2 barrel, 65 mustang coupe with a c4 and a one legger 2.79 8" rear end. it was a real rocket. I got it into the low 9s in the 1/8th mile before I got rid of it for faster pastures.
  11. A 64 Chevelle SS. 283 - 4bbl carb, 4 SPD with 3.08 gears. No AC , power brakes or steering.
    Paid $500 for it.
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  12. My 1st car was a 1976 VW Rabbit, think I bought it in 1983 or 1984.
  13. my first vehicle was a 1967 ford f-100 was originally a springtime yellow color but we painted it a single stage deep blue in 3 coats 1 all blue 1 50/50 clear/ blue and one all clear had a 300ci 6cyl 131inch wheel base 2wd 3 speed Ford light duty trans (wish it was at least the Warner t89f medium duty).

    i had just redone the interior when it was stolen. I've always missed that truck.
  14. I think I have you all beat...
    '78 Pontiac Grand Safari Station wagon, light green with wood panel, and lime green interior.
    It was a real babe magnet... Ha.
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  15. How many of you still have your first car? I do, 1981 Delorean. Learned how to drive it at 13. Drove my Dad around since he couldn't drive it due to his heart attack. Drove it every day to school at 13 then put him in the driver's seat and sent him off to work. Then my sister would pull him out of the car at work. Then at 16 he bought a Caddy and gave me this. What a chick magnet. We would pop the doors open going down the Ft. Lauderdale Strip, girls in bikini's would get in.

    No Flux Capacitor jokes, heard every single one since 1985. I'll pass along to my boys then have them pass it to there kids.


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  16. 1965 Ford Falcon. Would love to have that car today with a 347 under the hood.
  17. I got a buddy that has one and he put a chevy 454 in it. Nasty to say the least
  18. 1970 chevelle malibu. white with black stripes, crate 350 mated to a th350 trans. needed some TLC but it was a fun car.
  19. 57 chevy 2 dr post with a crate lt1 and turbo 400...
  20. 1981 Z28, bought it in 1986 for 1,500 bucks after original owner blew the trans and bounced it off a few things. Thru in Crate 350, new trans and paint....probably should of hung on to that one.