Our 1st Cars

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  1. 1991 Ford Escort LX Coupe 1.9L SEFI 5-Speed.

    I guess no matter how hard you try, you just can't make it sound cool.
  2. 1990 Acura Integra LS, 1.8L DOHC 5-speed
  3. 1965 Buick Skylark GS convertible. 401 nailhead w/ super turbine (powerglide) 300 trans. P/S P/B A/C Am/Fm P/W, P/D/L. Tilt and cruise. I LOVED this car. It was a gold color that I've only seen on 3 other 'Larks to this day. This was originally my dad's station car, (worked in NYC) bought at my uncles dealership in Brooklyn.
  4. im a big fan of the first gen 60-63 models but I would love to swap the 4.0 v6 in it with a auto for cruising
  5. 2001 Silverado 2500HD with an extended cab and long bed, needless to say, I can park anything anywhere now.
  6. 68 Cougar...3 on the floor....289....2 barrel carb....was a dog....but had air shocks on the back and I'd jack her up on Fridays....back in the days when gas was $1.25/gal....yeah i'm an old fart.....but still a Stang guy...um hmm
  7. 92 Chevy S10 2wd 2.8L v6/T5 with fake flowmaster 40 series dual exhaust, very slow but I could chirp 3rd gear in it at will.
  8. I loved those old cougars with the hide away headlights. Buddy of mine had an eliminator with a factory 428 Q code in it. The car rusted out in the entire floorboard and I ended up scoring the drivetrain from it and swapped into my 67 fastback. Looking back if he kept that car, it would have been worth major bucks
  9. 1990 Ford Ranger XLT extended cab. Loved it! 4wd... Classic Style with wrangler tires and the off road suspension...
  10. I bet you got good at doing timing belts though. I had two Escorts, and ended up changing a timing belt 5 times. How does that work???

    93' Mustang Gt was my first. Had it 4 weeks, and my brother burned the garage down.

  11. Timing belts were the first thing I thought of too when I seen Escort, LOL!
  12. I hate you
  13. I changed the timing belt 3 times between 140K-220K. Original snapped at 140 (I inherited the car from my parents, and they never changed the belt), changed the second one when the water pump went bad and the belt was all stretched out, and the third one snapped at ~200K.

    It also ate alternators, I think I put 3 of those on there in that same time period. Broke the transmission (apparently burnouts cause the side gears on the differential to spread out and wear the edges) and blew the head gasket twice.

    At the same time, I was hard as hell on the car and learned a lot fixing it. Over the course of time I rebuilt the engine, replaced the transmission, replaced all four struts, plus all sorts of little maintenance items. It sounds worse than it was, really.
  14. That's a lot of work. I blew one head gasket on one Escort. Other than timing belts, it never had a problem with too many things.

  15. 82 GT. Started as a 5.0 4 speed (SROD) with a 7.5 inch rear end. I put a roller motor in from and 88 GT. I replaced the SROD 4 speed (actually a 2 speed) with a world class T-5 and shortly there after blew up the 7.5 inch rear end. Swapped in an 88 8.8 incher and pounded it hard until I bought a house and had kids. It hasn't moved under it's own power in about 8-9 years now. Floors are gone. Will be a nice project for me and my boys when they are a little older and I have more patience and money.

    My wife's was her 88 GT. We both still have them and will never let them go!
  16. 1984 Nissan Sentra. Literally the slowest car I have ever driven, and I once drove a 3 cylinder Geo (rental!)!! That is probably the single reason that I refuse to own anything without significant HP!! lol
  17. '94 GT 5-speed with saddle cloth interior and deep forest green exterior. The money I saved from working a full time job along with some money my grandma left me when she passed and a good deal meant I paid cash for it. It was too much car for me at the time; I wrecked it twice and totaled it the second time.
  18. those eliminator cars were nice....never had the chance at one of those.....mine was a $800 car.
  19. Meee! Even if it's not as neat as yours!
    This is from February (2013), winter wheels and all. 136k at time of photo. It's been retired from DD duty since then. That's not a typo, it was my DD until this past May.

  20. Ditto. Mine was a 4 door. Blue with black vinyl top. 350 Rocket w/Q-jet 4 barrel.