Our 1st Cars

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  1. '76 Mustang II MPG (2.3L 4cyl auto with ~90hp and a 2.73 rear to make it even slower). 257k miles with the outer fenders strapped to the cowl since the inners were gone. That one long since turned to iron oxide, but I just restored a '78 to bring back the memories. I think I win the slowest first car award?
  2. mine was a 1969 Mustang of course!
  3. 1972 Datsun 240 Z. Guy before me put in some "racing carbs" (never quite found out what that meant) and a cam. Super light, fun and fast.
  4. Got mine in 1997 it was a poop brown 77 Chrysler Lebaron with an 8 track player. I paid 400.00 for the car and my dad gave me his old stash of 8 track tapes for me and my friends to rock out to. :)
  5. 1980 Chevy LUV pick up. 4 cyl Isuzu motor that would not die, 4 spd, and the only option was a/c. Soon after that, I got my 65 coupe.