Outside Temperature Gauge?

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  1. Hey all, I'm new here and have an 09 Mustang GT.

    Pretty simple question, do you guys have a gauge or a reading somewhere on your speedo cluster that gives you the temperature outside the car? Mine doesn't seem to have it, would there be any way to retrofit this into the car or somehow add it somewhere? It really bugs me. My car does not have the oil pressure or battery gauge either (but I don't care for either). It also does not have the screen that shows you MPG on the fly, I just have the trip mileage and the odometer options. No MyColor either :(

    Thanks in advance!
  2. You can do a homelink mirror with temp, compass and garage door opener if you have a garage. There are writeups on the various Mustang sites. I installed a Mazda one (identical to Ford but much cheaper) four years ago on my 06 GT and it' still functioning. Just had to clear coat the garage door buttons on the bottom so the paint doesn't come off with heavy usage. Here's a site:
    Auto-Dimming Mirror for Mustang
    Here's my install:
    2007 Mustang GT: Interior Mirror with Temperature Display - Ford Mustang Forums

    Hope this helps>

  3. Thanks Lenko, I did find that option but it's kind of pricey to me. I don't have a garage door anyway and my GPS has a compass...if only it had a temperature display...

    Anyone have any other suggestions? Seems like this is kind of a nuisance really. Even the cheap econo-cars come with temp probes standard.
  4. There are wireless Thermometers made for exactly this application. You stick a little sensor ouside the car, and it transmits to a receiver unit. Try "wireless automotive thermometer".
  5. I just open the window a little and stick my fingers out. Works great and doesn't cost a dime.