Oven cleaner for paint stripper?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 67 GTA, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. A friend told me to use oven cleaner to strip paint. Has anyone tried this? I figured the aircraft stripper would work better.:shrug:
  2. I used oven cleaner to clean some aluminum anodized parts. Took it down to bare metal. I don't know if it would strip auto paint.
  3. i tried it on the engine compartment in my car and all it really did was make a big mess.
  4. I went to Lowes today to get some sandpaper and picked up a gallon of Kleen-Strip with spray bottle. It will only take off one layer at a time. My fastback has about 2 1/2 paint jobs on it. It will come off eventually.:D
  5. I used oven cleaner in my engine compartment, where years of oil slung out by the I-6 were caked. It was the only thing that worked on that caked-on mess. (Paint remover wouldn't budge the caked oil.) Just spray it on, wait, hose it down. Took it to the metal. You need very thorough washing before repainting.
  6. How long did you guys leave it on?
  7. It all depends on the weather. You can leave it till it begins to dry. 30-45 minutes does well. Aircraft is by far the most potent on the market. Paint and decal remover aerosol is weaker, and oven cleaner is weaker yet. All of the above work better in warmer temps.
  8. Go get yourself a gallon of aircraft stripper. Not the spray on...the brush on. DO NOT get any on your skin. Paint that stuff on. For optimal performance, put some tinfoil over it and let the fumes do the work. Wait 15 minutes...then take a putty knife.....it should take it right down to bare metal.

    This is what I use to remove powdercoating and paint and anodization.
  9. The only oven cleaner that really works is Easy Off because it contains lye. I've used it on fiberglass interior panels and works fine.
  10. Well I bought a gallon of aircraft stripper and a bottle of easy off. I have to say that the aircraft stripper kicks butt! Can someone tell me what the original paint was made from? That is some bad [email protected]# paint! The stripper would not bubble it off. It made it really soft so I scraped most of it off. I have found out since I started stripping that the car must have been rolled over or someone beat the crap out of it. there is bondo and holes from a slide hammer in the: front pass fender-pass rear quarter- hood-trunk lid-drivers rear quarter-and roof. The frame rail where the pitman arm bolts through is pushed in where something shoved it in that direction. At least the body is still structurally straight! Lovely. I guess it will soon be dolly and welding time.