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  1. i am bout to have a year with my stang this is my very first car so idk much about cars...... i just recently saw d o/d button so wut is the deal with the over drive button wut is it good for and how do i turn it on since very time i hit the button it says o/d off and any tips on how to give the stang more power i drive an 03 v6 stang thanxz :D
  2. Did you go to elementary school? Because if I recall, in elementary school, they teach you how to use punctuation, and how to spell. If you want anyone here to take you seriously, you really need to type correctly. Not trying to be a dick, just saying.

    ..and now to answer your question.

    The OD button is the 4th gear in your transmission, and it's there for mileage purposes. When you push the OD button, it turns off that fourth gear so your transmission only operates with 3 gears. Just leave the OD on, you will get better mileage.