Over drive light flashing...

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by scupking, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. On the highway today my over drive light started flashing. After I got off the highway I pressed the O/D button and it didn’t stop flashing but over drive did turn off. Once I got to work I turned the car off and back on and the light worked as it should. Before this over the past few weeks I noticed that sometimes I could turn O/D off but it wouldn’t re-engage after pressing the button again even though the light would go out. I would then have to put the transmission in neutral then back into drive to get O/D to engage. What’s going on??? FYI I don’t have the stock shifter I have a B&M Hammer shifter.
  2. Sounds like the wires got pulled loose or mabey partialy cut.
    You may need to do some soldering. I had that happen on my 99 when I took
    the shifter apart to change the bezel. I tore the wire loose so I had to
    take it apart again and solder the wires back together. But all that was
    wrong was I couldnt turn the OD off at all.
  3. Flashing OD light is light the transmission check engine light. It means something electrically controlled in the trans is intermittently faulting.

    Do a search for flashing overdrive and you'll find more info
  4. mine did that a while back and i read that it could be the switch so i went to radio shack and bought one of those little push buttons and cut the wires to the one on the shifter wired it to the new one mounted it and no probs since. this might help might not but it could be it.

  5. Hmm this could be it seeing as it only started after getting the B&M hammer shifter installed. Other then that searching came up with everything from the tranny is about to die to basic electrical issues.
  6. Usually the most logical explanation is the correct one.
  7. scupking i would try what i did... i mean since you installed the shifter you might have pulled it loose and it just now gave way. o and by the way how do you like that shifter? can you post a pic of it?
  8. Has to be a lose wire. I just drove 25 miles home from work and beat on her to see if it would happen again and the light never started flashing. However once again around town over drive would not engage I pressed the button the light would go out but over drive would not engage until I went into neutral then back into drive. It’s a random issue.

    Picture of the shifter.
  9. that shifter looks awesome might just have to get one now lol.. i hope you figure it out.
  10. Sorry to bring this up from the dead, but mine started doing this. I haven't done anything to my tranny at all. Well, aside from changing its oil a while back. Did you ever resolve this?
  11. For me it was the transmission tune I had. After the cams and other mods my tune was too aggressive for the power and gears I was running. I went back to the stock transmission tune and haven't had the light come back on since and that’s been about 3 months now.
  12. What do you mean? I put gears on my car, and since then matched it with my SCT tuner. I also upped the shift pressure, do you think I should lower it?
  13. yes it could be a problem with your install..

    If your MLP is misadjusted you could have the problem your having or you could have a intermittent wiring problem to the o/d switch..

    Both could have been screwed up during install of the shifter