Over Heating And Coolant In Floor With Ac On

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  1. 2004 Mustang v-6 3.8 this is my grandson's car it over heats and coolant fluid drips into passenger side floor only, when the AC is running. Any ideas of what the problem might be would be a great help I'm not able to do the work but he and his brother will do the work. Thanks for all help! :)
  2. The heater core is leaking. Try to put some Alumaseal in the radiator to stop the leak. If that doesn't work, the heater core must be replaced. For now, just bypass the heater core by removing the rubber hoses between the firewall and the back of the motor. Use one of these hoses to connect the two metal pipes at the rear of the motor. This is a temporary fix, to stop the leaking on the carpet and will probably not fix the overheating issue.

    As far as the overheating issue goes:
    1. Make sure the radiator fan comes on when the engine gets really hot
    2. Replace the thermostat and the radiator cap
    3. Flush the system and replace the fluid

    Good luck
  3. If the heater core is leaking wouldn't it leak all of the time? or is there some type of control valve that opens and closes to prevent it from leaking when the air is turned off? Yeah, I told the grandson I didn't think the over heating was connected to the other problem. Thanks very much! I just talked to him and he said his coolant level in the radiator and reservoir are not loosing fluid so, could it be the condensation drain hose broken/unhooked etc?
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  4. I really don't think that there is a control valve or anything that stops the flow when the air is off, so there should be coolant flowing through the heater core whenever the engine is on. What does this fluid leaking on the carpet look, feel, or smell like? When the engine is cool, open the radiator cap, take a whiff, stick a finger in there. If the liquid on the carpet just smells and looks like water it is probably just condensation. After running the A/C for a while and then parking the car, check for a puddle on the ground behind the passenger tire (this is normal and is just condensation). If there is no puddle on the ground, but the carpet is wet instead, there must be something clogging the condensation drain tube or it is broken.