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  1. What is the difficulty range of Placing Say a small 4 cylinder motor & transmission from a newer escort and transplanting it into say a 64-66 mustang? I know that's slightly sacrilegous. But I am looking to do to this seriously, but I need a wider scope of the mods needed to perform this?
  2. You'll have to give more justification than that.
  3. isn't the escort front wheel drive?
  4. Yeah, you may have to look into a Ranger pick-up for a drive line.
  5. First I was like this :jaw: , but then I was like this :lol: because you have to be kidding. If you aren't I'll be like this :nono: , then this :bang:
  6. I've seen a 2.3T/T5 swap into a 65 Vert. It's still in progress, but he has it running, and says it wasn't too hard.
  7. We all realize that gas prices are high. So why dont u save that poor stang from becoming powered by a 4 banger, and keep the stang, BUT BY A FUEL ECONOMY CAR.
  8. I know alot of people will be against this for no reason other than principle, but if no permanent mods are made I think a 4 cyl turbo swap would be alright.

    It will be tremenously easier(and more worthwhile) to use a 2.3L/T-5 from a Fox3 Mustang. The Escort 1.9 is build for a FWD layout. You would need a custom bellhousing adapter and engine mounts. Not only that, the 1.9 doesnt have alot of potential from a performance standpoint. Even with a bigger 2.3 turbo engine, you could probably get 25-28mpg with a five speed.

    It would be easier still to put an I-6 in there.
  9. i think that's a great idea!

    well, not really, but i don't hate him for it......
    the best part about custom cars is that you can do anything you want with them (and shouldn't be harrassed)

    i saw a '65 with an electric engine in it at a car show.

    the escort engine is pretty silly......unless u happen to have one on hand, but the straight six that came in these cars is one of the most reliable engines ever and could be made to get decent mileage out of it and still have some power....
    actually, if u want to come to orange county, california, u can have mine for free.

  10. Damn, I'd have taken it off your hands if I knew that a few weeks ago! I was in La Mesa helping my old man pick up a '60 Ford panel truck.
  11. Aah, that's encouraging from some of you guys and I very much appreciate that. But for those who dont, here's my thinking: I have a 66 6 cylinder that I've had for some time now, we all know that for the most part they're worth crap in a 66 model year, I know I'll never come anywhere close to being able to get my money back out of it, and it's not like im defiling a GT or anything and i would never defile a car that was worth or was even close to worth anything substantial, so what can it hurt to have some fun in this situation?
  12. The I6 is a decent engine but im looking more towards an FI Setup....So I can definitely see how a How the Fox 4 banger would be a much better choice. Anybody got some in-depth stuff on this swap. Anybody know how to get a hold of the guy with the vert that did it?
  13. How could a non-turbo 1.9 4-banger be 'more fun' than a I-6? It will almost certainly be slower.

    I can see the EFI turbo 2.3, that would be an interesting engineering exercise, and reasonably quick.
  14. Indeed, I see the point of the Escort engine....but it hadnt crossed my mind yet for a 2.3, but i am much more enticed. :D It's a fantastic combo of fuel efficiency, power, and reliability, not to mention inexpensive to maintain.
  15. if you are looking for good power and fuel economy, stay with the six, and modify it. there are new performance parts available for the small six, including cams ground specifically for the six, one new aluminum head on the market now, and a new head that will be better coming out soon. you want efi? efi you got, for the stock head six, build it like offenhauser did with theri 3x1bbl carb set up, and then bolt on 3 tempo efi throttle bodies, and use a megasquirt efi controller, with or without the ignition control. www.fordsixparts.com has the cams and headers as well as other parts for the small six. and by the way, these little sixes are tough motors, you almost need a nuclear warhead to kill one of these things.

    oh and if you want a turbo or supercharger, they can be set up on the six also. if you want serious power, think about this, use the new fspp head with it comes out, along with an fspp cam, what ever efi system you want to use(efi is easy to adapt to any engine), and a pair of the small ihi turbos from an 87 tbird turbo coupe. run the boost up around 20psi, and you should be in the 400hp range.
  16. Do the 1984 SVO swap.
  17. We still haven't heard why shlby123 is doing the swap, and no one is talking about the money he will spend on this Mod? If it's for gas price reasons, then how long will it take to make your money back?
  18. Im doing more it more than anything, to just do something different with the car, and that's what i want to do. What are the different prices ranges of these different setups? Im looking for like 400hp, but im tellin'you something in the 250-270 range would be optimum!
  19. 400 HP? How many 2.3 litre motors were you planning on putting in there?
  20. no, i was just talking about rbohm's thoughts about the 400HP I6 not that i would mind that much really, but i have problems with cars over 300HP, so for saftey reasons...250-270 :)