OverHaulin' 65 Fastback

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  1. OK, here are my thoughts on the show in general.

    • Custom fit bumpers. Love it. If I had the means and know-how, I would definately do this to mine.
    • Smoothed front valance. Who needs a front license plate, right?
    • Shelby hood. Nothing custom about it, but I liked it enough that I have one myself.
    • Shaved antenna. Again, I liked that touch enough to do myself as well.
    • Interior. There were some cool things going on with the door panels.
    • G force T-5. I want one. Period.
    • Custom scallop in place of the stock roof vents. Though this is one of my (if not the most) favorite aspects of a fastback, their custom version looks cool.

    • Custom scallop in place of the stock roof vents. I know Troy (of RadRides by Troy) and Foose are buddies. I wonder how he feels about Chip swiping one of the most distinguishing custom touches of the Fast Forward Fastback?
    • In general, they didn't spend nearly enough time actually showing the finished product. What was going on with the weird custom stereo stuff behind the rear seat? I couldn't tell you because they barely showed it.
    • LeMans stripes. C'mon Chip. The guy didn't even have any Shelby aspirations. You just threw in the towel early on the design buddy. By far the least time/energy spent on a design of any of the overhaulin episodes.
    • Original fastback used as the car for this episode. There goes any chance in H-E-double hockeysticks of my car ever making the show. :p
    • Crate engine. No supercharger? How's about an EFI swap? Oh well, I guess a swap from 200ci to 347ci ain't so bad.

    Overall, I loved the show, but I'm a sucker for mustang exposure and this show in particular. I just wish Foose had consulted me on some of the details.
  2. Loved the car PERIOD. One hell of a ride. The amount of work they do in 7 days is beyond amazing. Shows what talent and unlimited funds can do.
  3. Ya....they're welcome to Overhaul my '65 coupe! :D

    I'll even leave the door to the basement unlocked so they can "steal" the parts!:D
  4. I'm going to be quite upset if I start seeing that guy around a bunch of shows now.

    I really love the premise of the show and watch it religiously, but that is now a REALLY nice car and I don't doubt it would win shows...which seems unfair to the guys out here who have equally as nice cars but have spent 15+ years getting them that way. Know what I mean? Can I get an Amen?
  5. Not from me. Many (if not most) show cars were not built by the current owners. They were either bought that way, or built by a shop. I think cars should be judged on their own merit, regardless of how "owner built" they may be. And this is coming from someone who is building his car on his own.
  6. Perhaps it is a semantics issue. When I think of car shows, I think of local clubs who put together a meet, cars are judged, people hang out, talk about cars, maybe have a BBQ and overall just have a good time.

    However, there are *SHOWS* where the Average Joe just won't be able to compete. And then, yes, I would agree with you that most, if not all, of those cars are built by professionals...generally with a lot of $$ burning holes in their pockets.

    I'm not trying to trash-talk either style of show, rather, I would think that the Overhaulin fastback would fit more into the *SHOW* crowd, than the local club show.

    I hope that makes more sense. Of course, I could be wrong...stranger things have happened! :)

  7. :rlaugh: The first thing I said to my wife was "How long before we see this clown at the local show proudly standing in front of a car he didn't do jack to"
  8. I don't need a show to make over my car for me...give me a check and let me build it the way I want to. If I ever had my mustang taken by pimp my ride or some show like that...I don't know if I would want it anymore. "Nothing a big stereo and some neon won't fix" is the unofficial slogan. Personally..I am a big fan of the FFFB...but maybe that is just the silver paint distracting me.
  9. i wasnt impressed at all, I was expecting foose to do something "new" rather then put together a "nice car". I was expecting at least cool/different paint skeems.
  10. I loved it, I wish I could do that front valence mod, but with how pissy the police are about not having a front plate around here I'd get ticketed so fast my head would spin.
  11. Trust me he's gonna have this car at the Queen Mary show.

    So we'll see what happens. Maybe he'll bring us tennis balls :)
  12. To me it was PERFECT.. did not detract or miss any of the things that made the mustang a mustang and yet updated such subtle things that you could really look at the car for hours and still not catch everything.

    Now I jsut wish my fathers 65 looked more like that and less like a pile of boxes we have been working out of forever!