"overhaulin" Question

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  1. Hey everyone. Been a member here for quite some time. Had to switch usernames because I couldn't remember the password to my old name.

    I originally posted this in the 5.0 boards, but I'm thinking I may get a better response here...

    My question is this... I have a family friend who has a '65 Falcon. Its been sitting in his garage now for years and hasnt been touched. For more reasons than mentioned, I would like to possibly enter his car on the show Overhaulin..

    I just have a few questions, such as:

    1. Does the car have to be local to California?
    2. Any personal expenses, such as taxes that have to be paid, personal budget, etc.
    B. I guess what Im asking is that is it truly free?

    So on and so forth. I'd like to find some sort of disclaimer, but cannot find anything except how to enter the car. Id like to know specifics if at all possible.

    Does anyone here know firsthand, or any family, friends, etc that were on the show?

    Just throwing it out there. I know some will probably try to hop on and say that the designs suck, etc.. but I dont really care. I just want to learn more about the show if anyone here has any ideas.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. I couldnt find anything either... But chip foose has a website and you can email him and ask him if you could be accepted...

  3. ive found that, but it provides none of the information that i was looking to find, such as hidden fees, etc.
  4. it would be taxed as ordinary income. if the overhaul was worth 100,000 then you would own taxes based on that number.
  5. I have a few friends as well know a few companies involved with the show. Some people lose their car because they cannot afford the gift tax they have to pay after the show.Also the car is not released to them right away, they might have other drivability issues still.

  6. exactly what i needed to know guys. thanks a lot!