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  1. On Overhaulin' tonight, Foose is doing a 1970 Mustang. From the previews I saw it looked like it had a BOSS 429 scoop...could it be that a 429 is getting redone by a master??
  2. Sweet
    I love that show.. Foose is a bad mofo!!!
    The 66 fastback that he done looked awesome...With that Zhead crate motor and Gforce tranny...awesome!
  3. That show use to be really good.....but I think it has gone down hill a bit. The builds and craftmanship are still top notch; however, I dont like to see cars being stolen from 'movie stars' or other 'famous people' that are rich, only to be rebuilt for free when they can afford to have them "done."

    I still watch it faithfully though.

    my $.02
  4. I think that is the car they did at SEMA. It wasn't a 429 car.

    I would rather the show just concentrate on cars. I am not a fan of spokespeople from a model agency trying to craft some drama into it. I guess they gotta add some spin for the non-car people watching.
  5. Yes they did the car live at SEMA. Nope, not a 429. It had a 460 in there before they got ahold of it. Then they dropped a 514 crate motor in. The car has a one off set of rim close to the PS gt40's, but they're 19's in front and 20's out back. The son of the guy works for me.
  6. While Courtney is nice to look at, she really adds nothing to the show.

    I liked the Armstrong car, but agreed he could afford to pay for the work (or Sheryl could), bu tit was nice becuase it highlighted the LAF and Livestrong.
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  8. Thats top notch..But I dont care for the color..

    I agree..Why fix up peoples cars who can afford.. Lance Armstrong, Ian Zeiring, etc..

    Kinda like on Tuner Transformation on the speed channel... A few months ago they took a rich dudes Escalade and put 6K worth of rims/tires on it...and he didnt really appreciate it at all..

    I think they all should stick to fixing up cars for people that cant really afford it.. Kinda like "Pimp my ride".
  9. I love the show, but I'm not crazy about how Foose over does it with his "bling-bling" wheels all the time. Look at the '67 Skylark they just did, the car looked awesome when finished, but the wheels ruined it!:puke:

    Foose has tons of talent, but I think he should start leaving the wheels up to somebody else.
  10. I will stick with pimp my ride...LOL
  11. Blech on those wheels, blech on the stripes....


    Zoot city.
  12. those wheels have got to go.....too much bling bling

  13. I agree on the wheels, too much bling. But I like the paint. :shrug:
  14. OK. Now that I actually saw the car on the show...pretty sweet, the rims looked better but still not right. Best part was that they could have gone blown 351, nitrous 347...NO, stroked 429 = 514ci from Ford Racing!! Big Block baby!!
  15. oh my god! a 69/70 is my dream car espically with a BB engine. Man, a 514 crate engine, pushin 600 horses as said on the show,.....

    Some Dudes project 1970 mustang : Free
    514 crate engine: $10,000

    reaction on your face when done: Priceless
  16. anybody have a hi quality pic??? i need a new background on my computer :)
  17. ya i saw that at sema, twas pretty cool
  18. I like the color fine, but I feel the stripes intersect with the rear wheel opening all funny. Kinda breaks up the lines of both the stripes and the wheelwell, and the Mustang has lines so good you don't wanna mess with em. JMO of course...
  19. Pretty cool, but all the builds are pretty much the same: crate engines, Chrome wheels, shaved door handles, similar stereo set ups and two tone paint jobs.

    Anyone notice that there are no wipers on the "Gamble 514". I think it's a Foose thing.
  20. No wipers because you are going so fast that you don't need them...the water just runs off.

    All the builds are the same because they have only 7 days, the same designer each time. I still think most of the builds are pretty dang sweet, a little over the top.

    I will start a poll to see who would take a Foose car.