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  1. I don't care for the wheels or the stripes. Other than that its a beautiful car!
  2. I liked what they did with the car.

    Although, I would also like wipers and mirrors.

    But the wheels were a little too much. They were so shiney and "in your face" that they took away from the rest of the car.

    18's or something similar would have looked alot better.
  3. I thought the color and stripe was fine, especially for a 7 day build. It's hard to come up with a unique graphic that looks good. I think that stripe looks about as good as anything Ford did, and better than many. Have you seen the stripe on the new Mustang? :nonono:

    I didn't like the wheels either. I think classic cars need a wheel with more curves. Those are all flat, square surfaces and sharp angles. I also don't really like the look of huge wheels with tiny rubber. I guess it's ok in the desert southwest, where they don't have potholes. One day driving in Minnesota and those rims would be done.