overheating 4.6 anoter update please help!


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Mar 27, 2004
ok it samoking worse than ever and bubbling out the radiator bad..sao itsa either got a cracked head or needsa a head gasaket??? whatever the case wqe are starting to pull it apart today and are nott o familiar wqith the 4.6.. could it still be an intake gasaket??? any other sauggesations? pulling the headsa of isa last resaort and really dont wqant to do it ...anywqays can i pull the head of wqith the exzhausat manifold satill on? if it isa a cracked head howq hard isa it to obtain one? exzpensaive?
wqell thnkasa for any help
p.sa saorry for all the misapellingsa my keyboard isa broke and wqen i hit sa there isa alwqaysa an a behind it ..
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Jun 10, 2003
santa barbara, CA
i always pulled the exhaust manifold off with the head. if the head is cracked finding another NPI head is pretty easy. also you could consider doing the PI head swap with some PnP'd heads. the inlet manifolds are notorious for cracking because they are plastic, they usually crack around the thermostat housing or the alternator. just remember if you do pull the heads off, you can kiss those head bolts goodbye, THEY CANNOT BE REUSED.