Overheating..... Add Pusher Fan???

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  1. I've worked on a couple of production programs where they added pusher fans for severe duty climates. (Usually for Middle Eastern exports.) Pusher fans are a mixed blessing. They help a lot when they running, but they are also a HUGE air flow restriction when they are off. If you can run higher flow puller fan(s) you're generally better off. I think others have already mentioned it in this post but the shrouding is very critical to make sure that you're drawing the air through as much of the surface area on the radiator as possible.

    Good luck
  2. Sitting at a stoplight is probably the only time when those vents WILL actually do anything. Once he gets moving, the air pressure over that area will be high and air will be forced back under the hood.
  3. the downfall of the cowl hood...looks awesome but not very functional.

    good call steve on testing the CCRM. i figured you had done that already and were pursuing other options because it wasn't adequate. if you fix that, i doubt you will even need the other fan or other crazy setups. the stock fans on these cars is a pretty darn stout setup once you get an aluminum rad in front of them. there is also doing a manual fan switch so you can control it yourself and remove the CCRM from the equation all together. I have that on mine so i can keep the temps where i want them

    you could always do this :rolleyes: :

  4. Shoulda woulda coulda.... Should have tested first thing.... I had trouble several times in the past (before 08) starting hating on my car til I thought it was fixed back in '08 ... Thought it would have stayed together longer... Thinking it's the fan motor since I took off the cover for clearance. Though it doesn't see bad weather much . Still have to test of course. If that is the problem I need to rethink clearances. Maybe move radiator condensor etc back. Have to wait til I find out.

    A fan switch sound good right about now!! :)

    CO2 cooling sounds like it an interesting tool... Never heard of it before, cools intercoolers sounds like a good niche.

    Off topic... Nitrous System... Only seen one other car with a supercharger and Nitrous..... :D it didn't fair to well!!! He was following me on to the highway when it blew! :(
  5. Shoulda woulda coulda... hehe. Wait til 95steedamustang gets his rad for his current Cobra project build. You're going to be drooling.
  6. oh i know, hindsight is always 20/20. do you still have the CCRM in the stock location? i tried looking back at my carlisle pics and it looks like you do. might want to move it out of the hot air. might help it last a little bit longer. i moved mine into the pass fender well without doing any cutting/splicing. also helps give you some room in the engine bay by the blower. i hacked off the bracket after moving it too. cleaned it up a little bit:
  7. Nice looking engine bay
    Mine is in the stock location. I will look into moving it this time. My son and I ran a couple tests last night looked at connector, continuity, checked pins for voltage etc. Hoping to get a new/rebuilt one this week.

    Hope to make it back to Carlisle sometime,Power tour interferes...

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  8. that'd be nice to meet up again. power tour would be awesome to do one of these years but not sure my car is ready for it yet.
  9. Wow Pops. That is sweet. Yours too ProKiller. Very nice cars guys.
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  10. Hi
    Replaced the ccrm last night and have power to the connector.... But the fan still only has one speed. So Monday I order a fan.... :eek:

  11. Well hopefully this will nic this issue in the rear for you. I often dread having cooling issues. It was a never ending issue with my 95 GT. Never had my fan or CCRM quit on me tho knock on wood.
  12. Hi
    Just a teaser... :p Installed pusher fan and controller last night. Worked about 3.5 hrs. to 10:30 and quit, still need to run power wire from fan and hook up a couple controller wires.
    Funny thing directions say to hook the red wire from the controller to the black ground wire on the fan... Kind of goofy. Checked that a few time..:shrug:

    Installed new fan assembly and when tested still only had one speed... It was the last thing we did so more testing for sure. New ccrm and new fan....
  13. fits in there nicely it seems
  14. Thanks, it went in fairly easy. Had to move crash sensor, and temporarily move latch assembly. Put in the lower passenger side.. The overflow bottle is there and the fan shroud doesn't cover that area...

  15. I will do a write up later...
    Have 12 volts on both sides of fan connector and have power at the wire coming out of relay. Do not have the amperage at the motor fan high, the 12 volts just fades away when called for......
    Need another CCRM ??? That is the way I am heading.

    Back to the pusher fan...
    The stock fan comes on normally.... 190 degrees or so.... with that said..
    Installed pusher fan the other night and today finished hooking up wires. Set the helper fan to 200 degrees. It is 84 degrees outside.
    On the drive home about 40 minutes, the temp went to 200 degrees and stayed there.....
    Understand the orig fan comes on low speed... no high speed.... so the pusher fan is doing the job of the high speed orig. fan... I am happy... Still need to fix the orig equip. fan to come on high....
    still heading in the right direction.

  16. Steve, I didn't read the whole novel but have you bench-tested high-speed on the new fan (ensures it runs fine with fused battery power)? If it does, you might end up just adding a new relay: using the OEM HEDF-relay control-wiring with your own battery power (a new run of wire from the battery to the new relay), and connect the N/O terminal (new relay) to the HEDF wire at the fan.

    You'll have a new relay and brand new load-side wiring while using the OEM control-side wiring (so you don't need to add a stand-alone thermoswitch and wire in a provision to have HEDF come on with the AC)...........
  17. Last year after the Hot Rod Power Tour...

    Continuation of last years thread... Wanted to finish the thread to many unfinished.. I am fairly satisfied, will update through the summer :)

    Drove the 2014 Hot Rod Power Tour, only did 4 of the 7 cities, the Charlotte to Knoxville portion was spectacular... Anyway, Charlotte NC (Zmax raceway), Knoxville Tn, Charleston WV and Norwalk OH (Summit Raceway) Car made 4 psses at Zmax.. :)

    Car did fine this year, not as warm as texas, in the 80's but did a lot of back roads in the mountains this year and the radiator stayed cool. Got up to 210 degrees. Here is what I did:

    Installed a pusher fan...
    Derale 16214 14" High Output 2100 CFM on high speed


    went with a one piece relay DER-16788 Derale 16788 35 amps per side (only used one) Keeping options open :)


    (Derale 16759 Adjustable Fan Controller
    tried this relay but had a problem after cleaning engine it stayed on..)
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  18. So the pusher fan did help substantially? That's what you are saying.

  19. Hi Kurt
    The fan did help.... I had no problem, it did go to 210 degrees and we had the pusher set for 200... Stock fan came on around 190-195, 185 degree thermostat. . We sat in traffic (miles) in the mountains with the air on.. it was about 80 degrees Then again on I-40 for a long time... Enough my leg was getting sore..
    I will definitely post back this summer when it gets warm, i'll take it downtown one day....
    I would love to understand the relationship between the gauge and actual engine temp. It seems as though the engine is cooler that the gauge. In the garage as we were testing, there was a 15 degree differential between the engine and the gauge.
    On vacation but will answer any questions ..