Overheating And Now Poor Running After Fixing.

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  1. This is a related follow up on my other thread about the intake manifold...

    I got stuck in horrible traffic and my 99 GT overheated and broke the intake manifold at the heater house outlet. - I immediately shut it off when that happened. towed it home and replaced the intake manifold, cleaned the junk off the injectors and put back together.... now the car runs real bad....

    has a very sporadic popping coming from one bank, sounds similar to that of a burnt valve or something of that nature....

    here's a cell vid of the sound... it also hesitates bad if you try giving it a little gas...

    any advice? I am fearful from getting hot, it perhaps may have been trying to seize and losing compression now? (I pulled the pan plug slowly to see if any water came out to check for craked head, head gasket, etc. there was no water)

    thanks in advance for any help.

    View: http://youtu.be/EXwPBYjuU-o
  2. Any DTC codes? Sounds like a misfire.

    Two suggestions.
    • Compression test.
    • Oil filter cutter. Cut the oil filter open and examine the filter element.
  3. Did coolant get all over the motor? My plastic intake manifold finally cracked on me a few months back and after installing a new manifold the car had a miss. Coolant got into some of my spark plugs wells and fried one of my COP's. After replacing it the car ran fine again. Fingers crossed it's not something more serious.
  4. Thanks so much, that sounds very logical!!! the manifold broke right above the rear coil packs in the right bank of the engine.... dumped water all over there...

    Thanks for your help, I will try this.
  5. I had this same problem after hosing down the engine bay with the pressure washer. Pulled the coils and found water standing in a couple. Blew the water out with the air compressor and it fixed the issue. Also possible that a coil failed, but you would most likely see a CEL.
  6. Thanks so much, I ended up pulling the plugs and replacing all of them, they looked awful, wet, and the coils were nasty and even rusty looking and very wet....

    I bought a new set of Accel coils and replaced the plugs, car runs perfect now.

    Old plugs looked bad:

    new coil packs look cool :)

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