Engine Overheating @ Idle

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Bob Hughes, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Having an issue with my car....since its getting colder I start it and let it warm up before I drive. It has now twice coughed out fluid through the reservoir cap, and began to overheat....New 180 degree thermostat....never had a problem before supercharger install...reservoir not overfilled...I'm gonna start with the fan see if its coming on...any ideas would be great
  2. The cooling system is self pressurized and aides in maintaining a cool temperature. If your pressure cap is faulty, it may need replacing if its not holding proper pressure.

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  3. Does the cooling fan run?

    Does the fan turn easily?

    What does the temperature gauge do?
  4. is your water pump leaking out the week hole?
  5. I haven't seen any leaks...if I start it and let it warm up it will just continue to get hot and blow coolant out of reservoir. I'm gonna check the fan in the daylight tonorrow....pretty sure it kicks on. I picked up a new reservoir cap today.
  6. Is the system free of air?

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  7. Something I never thought of....how would you purge it?cuz it started sfyer i installed the supercharger.
  8. There should be a bleeder valve on the housing. A basic Phillips or flat head that you screw out. Bleed it until its only coolant.

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  9. Ok....so I popped the bleeder out seemed to get some air before fluid....for heck of it put Di-electric grease on the plug for the fan. Let car run for 30 minutes thermostat opened as it should fan kicked on no fluid blowing out....crossing fingers for a permanent fix
  10. Keep us posted. I'm hoping its all fixed. Sometimes its just simple things.

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  11. Let the car sit and idle for an hour this morning...no issues....drove all morning doing Christmas shopping...stop and go no issues...hopefully its resolved.
  12. Awesome!

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