Overheating Issues

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  1. Ok, so I have been having some over heating issues, and normally I can diagnose my car, but I am running out of options. I don't have much done to the car, except E-cam, 75mm MAF/TB, 3G alternator, suspension work, drivetrain work and some other stuff. I was having this issue before winter. During the winter, I bought a Proform fan, and it seemed to take care of the problem, until these last few weeks, where the temperature has gotten hot and remained that way. 95*+. Anyway, this is what I have replaced so far...

    Waterpump- About 3 years ago
    Proform fan- About 8 months ago
    Hoses- About 8 months ago
    180* Thermostat- 8bout 2 months ago
    Radiator cap- 2 weeks ago

    I was told that I could be getting a false reading from a bad sending unit, so I played along with that theory, until two days ago when I got home and antifreeze was spewing all over. Everything on the car is fine, thank goodness. While the car is running, I let it get warm, and it seems that I have good circulation, with looking at the fluid with the cap off. Thermostat opens and all. Anyway, to let you know more of the issues, the car is also not cooling down on the interstate. It remains a little above half (between the R &M) When running the heat, it didn't climb but obviously I am not going to run the heat when its that hot outside.

    Wednesday, I have bought the Derale Fan cooling kit (#DER-16749), aluminum radiator, and upgraded the electric fans that LMR had. I am hoping this is the issue, but I am here asking if you fellas have any other ideas of what it could be.

    Also.... I am going to be attaching an aftermarket gauge, as well as the fan controller. My huge concern, where to install these at. I am thinking of putting the fan controller sending unit where the stock sending unit is, and I am not sure exactly where that is located. If anyone has a photo, and could send one to me, I would appreciate it. Where should I put the gauge at as well? Sorry for the nooby questions. I am just tired of having the same reoccurring issues and want to make sure its done right this time around.

    My pretty setup on the way! Should be here tomorrow!!!
  2. AutoZone has a cast iron t-stat housing with an already tapped hole on top for a temp sensor. I just put one on it was $11 I think.
  3. Hi there, sorry to hear about your issues. It shouldn't take much to keep a fox cool. Mine stays at around 180-190 and its a turbo 347. I have a cheap jegs aluminum radiator and a Ford Contour dual fan. I pulled the fans from the junk yard for $30. Keep in mind that the stock gauge is pretty unreliable but since it was spewing coolant that is a good sign it is overheating. Since all your parts seem new there are a few things you can check. Start with making sure you purged the system of air. Feel the upper hose and see if it feels like water in there of air, when running at temp you should be able to feel it circulating. With circulation being said if it is not circulating, boil the thermostat and see if it is opening. They have been defective out of the box before. An easy cheap solution sometimes is the radiator cap they go bad and that can do it too. Also get the test strips or do a leak down test to see if you might have a blown head gasket. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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  4. I've had 4 fox bodies. Every time I've replaced a radiator, t-stat, heater hose, or antifreeze in general I get air in the system and it boils over.
  5. jack the front of the car up so that the radiator is the highest point of the car. start the engine and let it run until the thermostat opens. any trapped air will be forced up towards the radiator and out the open fill spout.
  6. Thanks for the help fellas! Two days, and I am not going to be able to get this car done lol. Putting this stuff in isn't taking two days, but I have prolonged it with other duties, as well as some complications. First complication, LMR sent me the wrong fan setup. Doesn't mount up and wasn't even what I ordered. To make it worse, they aren't open on the weekends, so I have to call on Monday. I hope they can make it right. I might also have to buy a new ignition, because my mother in law to-be lost my keys, since I gave them to her while the car sat for 2 days.

    In the meantime, I broke by water temp gauge. The end broke off lol. Good news, I was able to relocate my starter solenoid in my fender and run the two main harnesses through there as well. That alone was time consuming. I plasti-dipped and repainted some faded parts, until funds are better to get them replaced.

    Right now the car is in the air, ready for coolant and the fan. Hopefully get this done by Wednesday. I missed a car show this weekend, but I guess it wasn't meant for me to go lol.
  7. No problem, if you have any other questions feel free to ask!
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  8. All said above is great advice. and he's in Florida!

    Also consider that your radiator could be partially blocked.... In addition, I thought the thermostat for these cars was best to be the 192 degree pieces... that should hold the coolant in the radiator a bit longer for more heat-exchange capability, any other thoughts on this?

  9. I tent to stay with stock temp thermostat for almost everything
  10. That A/C condenser in front of the radiator blocks a LOT of air...
  11. Well, that settles that, time to get rid of my AC!!!! Lol yeah right, I actually enjoy having it lol. I am hoping this new radiator, and electric fan (whenever LMR gets it to me) will take care of all my issues.

    On a related not to the fan, LMR was able to replace my fan with the correct one, and I should have it by Friday!
  12. Surprisingly it doesn't unless it's clogged up with dirt or insects. I deleted my AC 3 years ago and after removing the condenser, it made almost no difference to coolant temperatures.
  13. Yeah the car was designed with the condenser in place and worked well over the past 20-34 years. I'm in florida and would never remove my ac. I run my ac constantly and never have overheating issues.
  14. Just an update, since it seems like its not done a lot lol. I put my starter solenoid in my inner fenderwell, and put my fan relay switch in place of the solenoid. I started the car, front up high up in the air and added the coolant. All air bubbles out and let the car war up for like 20 minutes and didn't get hot at all! Got the car down, and realized that my tire was going to hit my solenoid, so I moved it behind the strut, where it should have been in the first place lol. I starter her up, drove her home and on the highway, guess what?! LOVELY, its getting hot, but wouldn't "overheat". I got home, was trying to listen for the fans and I couldn't hear them. Popped the hood and realized that my positive wire had came loose and had no connection lol. I reconnected it and have been driving it for two days with no issues!!!! WOOT!!!

    So in this case, replacing the radiator and fans and a proper purge of the system, it has taken care of the overheating issue!!! Thanks a lot for the tips fellas!
  15. Not a problem, Any questions in the future just feel free to ask!