Overheating Still. Need Help

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  1. A couple of months ago I posted about some issues where my 95 GT would get hot with the A/C on and it was in fact a head gasket. I put brand new head gaskets and had heads resurfaced ($300.00) and had my all aluminum Mishimoto 3 core radiator pressure tested and was told it leaked. I spent $650 on a new Mishimoto all aluminum 3 core radiator and brand new Silicon hoses along with a new Aluminum fan shroud and a 15 inch Mishimoto fan. I also wrapped my headers to help keep the heat out from under the hood. Well I live in Louisiana and its 100 degrees around here this time of year so when I kick on my AC, the temp will get up from 180 and gradually climb to 220+ . If I turn the AC off the temp stays put but if I turn heater on full blast it slowly drops the temp. Any ideas as to what I can try to reduce the temp? I have the fan hooked up to a relay off the ignition switch and it is blowing full speed. The water pump is a high flow I got off summit and the pulley is rotating counter clockwise. Im not sure what else it could be. Possibly need a smaller pulley or an oil cooler? Im stroked to 331 and running 10 si on a Vortec V2 S-trim.

    1995 Mustang GT 5.0 (302ci.) Stroked to a (331ci.) and SUPERCHARGED
    TKO 500 Trans with a SPEC stage 3+ clutch kit (1000 miles on new clutch).
    CUSTOM TUNE with 3 programs and dyno of 481 RWHP & 486 Torque on low Tune
    502 RWHP on high tune. Third tune is for emissions. This car can pass a texas emissions test.(tuned byMurillo Motorsports in San Antonie, TX)
    Forged Eagle crank, connecting Rods & ARP Balanced with Molly Rings and JE --SRP Pistons.
    GT-40X Heads,
    High RPM Springs,
    Ford Racing 1.6 Roller Rockers,
    Stainless Valves
    Vortech S-trim V2 Supercharger 10 psi.(capable of 14 psi)
    F303 cam,
    42 psi. Injectors,
    T-Rex fuel pump
    Full MSD 6AL-2 Digital Ignition system with 2 rev limiters,
    Cobra Intake,
    65mm Throttle Body,
    90mm SCT 2800 Mass Air meter
    Shorty Headers,
    Bassani x-pipe,
    High Flow Cats
    Flow master exhaust,
    K&N air filter,
    3.73 Gears,
    Speedo geared to matchTKO 500 Trans.
    B&M Short throw shifter & Knob,
    Anderson ford motorsport power pipe
    Mishimoto All Aluminum 3 core Radiator
    Mishimoto electric fan
    Summit high volume water pump & oil pump
    Ford Racing Pedals,
    Glow shift Blackout LED Elite 10 Color Gauges,
    Triple pillar pod with Tac, Air Fuel, Boost.
    Double dash pod with Oil pressor, Water Temp.
    Eibach 1 ¾"lowering springs,
    Functional side scoops,
    4 wheel disc braks with cross drilled and slotted rotors
    Weld aluminum weels with 275/50/15 Brdgstone G-Force Drag radials on rear
  2. Not that it matters but I just noticed I need to update some info on my vehicle description. Main thing is I got rid of those crappy BF Goodrich G- Force and now have Nitto NT 555R's
  3. When you're car overheated w ac on did steam come out from behind the back of the lower intake area w white smoke out the tails? I got my ac fixed not tool ago ( on the 95) and when I went down the road w the ac on it started running rough and overheating. A lil white smoke or possibly steam I dunno came out the tail and steam was coming out the back of the engine around the lower intake or possibly head. Man I hope it's not the head gasket. I think a bad idler pulley was the catalyst but I'm not sure. I'm hoping for blown lower intake gasket