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  1. My car won't cool down. When it warms up it continues to get hot until I turn it off. The obvious reason would be that the thermostat is closed shut, but just a couple months ago I put a Stanton 180 degree t.stat and a 3 row radiator. My car has been perfect until yesterday when this happened. Is it possible for a thermostat to go out in such a short period of time? I was also wondering what the obvious signs of a bad water pump are. I dont hear an excess noises and theres no obvious leaks. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Very possible the T-stat went bad, some guys don't think to high of Stant. Get a High Flow Mr Gasket T-stat ($8-10) 180 degree if you replace it. I'd also replace the cap if you haven't done it inawhile that will/could cause issues also.

    When a water pump usually goes bad it seeps of leaks out the weep holes and water will be under the car.
  3. Great. Im gonna do that. Ill let you know if that fixes my problem. Thanks
  4. are your hoses bad and constricting(sp?) on them selfs???

    is your upper AND lower hoses both warm when your car has been running for awhile. T-stats suck, trust me I became a pro at changing them.
  5. You can also boil water and the thermostat to see if it is opening, just need a good thermometer
  6. have you had any noticable water usage ? any white smoke from tail pipes? i had the same problem and tore my engine apart and found that #6 had a head gasket leak, this will compress combustion gases into your cooling system and boil over. Mine only did it when i gave it some gas, and then it would keep going up on temp and over heat.
  7. All my hoses are brand new. I havent noticed any white smoke, however, after filling my system up with coolant, after a week or so my low coolant light would come on. I never had a cooling problem when this happens i just thought my reservoir had a leak.

    "i had the same problem and tore my engine apart and found that #6 had a head gasket leak, this will compress combustion gases into your cooling system and boil over. Mine only did it when i gave it some gas, and then it would keep going up on temp and over heat."

    That sounds a bit like my problem. When i start giving it gas, its gets hotter...and hotter and it would most likely overheat if i dont shut the car off. I guess ill put a new t.stat in and if thats no use, ill check out my head gaskets.
  8. sounds exactly like my problem, i was fine when i was easy on it. i could over heat in a matter of 5 minutes if i got on it hard
  9. Do you notice unusual pressure building in the rad hoses?
  10. There doesnt seem to be any unusual pressure.
  11. ill give my few thoughts. i fully agree with Rick. stant stats are not great. i live in tucson (110*+ in summer). i ran a 180 stant, and the car ran hot (i have aftermarket gauges. stock is too imperfect for real observations). the stat was fully opened (just my observations of hose feel and water flow across rad) by around 195. i went to a balanced 180 mr gasket within one week, and it fully opened by 185. i think it may flow better too. the car ran cooler. this time of year (temps here are around 70-80* during day), i run at 170-180 no matter what. point being, change the stat to a mr gasket, etc. when you compare the two side by side, its sick how much better the mr G. looks.

    i dont think a stang can have the stat put in backwards (interference probs), but in case, are you sure it is oriented correctly? i cant remember if you said you flushed it, but if so: coolant usage within reason is normal after a flush if you didnt burp the system afterwards (especially if you flushed it with the heater on and car warm). heater core takes some coolant. air gets trapped in there and takes a while to make its way out and be replaced by coolant, causing some loss. some cars evap coolant away nonetheless.
    im not saying this is it, just wanted to throw out other possibilities before you assume you need to tear the motor apart. with any car i've ever owned, BTW, if i am idling and rev it up, the temp gauge climbs (ive done this to get the stat to open to get some heat out of 4 bangers when waiting for someone). just some ideas. good luck. let us know what the solution is.
  12. I agree with hissin50, don't do anything drastic until you check out the tstat. Mine was doing the same thing, I replaced the radiator and tstat just to be sure. (both stock original, 9yrs old). Turns out it was the tstat, would open sometimes at a rolling boil, but not always. Tstats are famous for coming faulty right out of the box. The one good product that Mr. Gasket makes is their tstat. Start with the simple inexpensive stuff. I've never seen a water pump fail completely in my life, and I'm old enough to die. There isn't too much to go wrong in a cooling system, but check your hoses and cap also.
  13. HISSIN50- The thermostat will fit in backwards, don't ask how I know :doh:
  14. Are there auto parts stores that sell that Mr. Gasket t.stat? I only see the Stant. at Kragen and A.Zone. I dont plan on doing anything until after i replace this t.stat. Also, im postitive i didnt put it in backwards. Besides its been great for the last few months.
  15. Check a local speed shop, if not JEGS or SUMMIT have them. You could look for a autorized Mr Gasket dealer in your area also.
  16. Yeah make sure your t-stat is working......and check into the Mr. Gasket brand.

    You might want to look more into the possibility of a blown headgasket :shrug:

  17. Rick, i hear you Bro. been there and done that on about everything i do. LOL. i have learned to take things out and set them down just as they came out and i use a marker to draw arrows on things frequently. :)
    being brain dead sucks.

    i agree with ya again. i got mine from the local speed shop for less than ten bucks (just a couple bucks more than parts store stuff). might take a few calls but you will find one (i hate paying shipping and waiting for small stuff to be shipped).

    after seeing the quality of the mr G. stat, i am afraid to use parts store stuff in the other cars.

    Makarov, i agree with you. i cant imagine how a pump could fail ( impeller falling off is about it. id love to hear a story about how that happened :), but that would be the only way i can think of. just the tell tale weep and staining of the lower hose.

    good info all. :D
  18. I did it one morning about 2:30am while I was getting my motor back together to go racing at 6:30am, long day it was..lol
  19. didnt mean to scare you, but i did have a small head gasket leak in one of my cylinders, this was enough to pressurize my system and boil my system over only every once inawhile, if i just babied it around and only got on it moderatly, i wouldnt ahve a problem. if i floored that puppy for a few blocks i could just watch that temp gauge rise even at idle. I agree fully with changing the t-stat first. hell, i changed my t-stat and my water pump before i tore my engine apart. Take care of the small things first, its much cheaper and easier. One advantage of taking off the heads is taking them to a machine shop and get them cleaned up and a cleanup cut on the bottom side (say .010 or so, may give you minimal compression gains) and a valve job. I replaced my water pump and t-stat for around 45 dollars. Much easier than taking the engine apart.
  20. Well, I cant find a Mr. Gasket t.stat anywhere...but this one shop sells a "victor" or at least thats what I thought the guy said. Evere heard of these?