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  1. I was heading to San Antonio from a wedding in Houston yesterday, and as I'm getting almost to where I'm staying for the night (keeping in mind it's about 1 am) I pull up to a red light, the CEL comes on and the stang dies. I was like WTF? So I crank it up and the light turns green and I take off, well the CEL comes on again, and then it starts sputtering BIG time, and jerking around and trying to die, so I pull into a gas station (that's closed :notnice: ) and park. :damnit: :bang: I get out and pop the hood and can't really see anything wrong, except for everything was stained from the water. If anybody was in the Houston/San Antonio area yesterday, then you know about the INSANE thunderstorms we had. So I look under the car, and my Pro-M is just hanging by the wiring harness, detached from my powerpipe. :owned: And Chris (95WhiteVenom) or anybody else on here with a powerpipe can vouch for how big of a PITA these can be to get back the MAF back on the pipe. Especially since I didn't have any tools with me. So I end up walking to a gas station a block or so away, buying a cheap screwdriver and reconnecting my MAF on the water-soaked parking lot of a cheap gas station at 1am on the outskirts of San Antonio. :doh: At least the rain had let up, lol. Anybody else had anything stupid go wrong with their car like that?
  2. i had the same exact thing happen (w/o the powerpipe) on the freeway during rush hour... luckily i was able to get it's sputtering ass to the side and reattatch it
  3. LOL oh man, what a story.

    Actually I don't have a story like that, but one time when my car got hit by some idiot lady behind me, we had to pull over on the side of the road. It was drizzling/raining and I was outside of my car standing next to traffic trying to find my dad because I knew he left a few minutes after I did.

    I finally saw him. So here I am, standing next to my car in the mud, while its raining, trying to wave down my dad and tell him I'm on the side of the road. I looked like a lunatic.

    The damage was minor a couple scratches, but they had to replace the whole back bumper. It turned out good because I had a couple paint chips on there anyways.
  4. I forgot to plug the maf back in inside the silencer/box once and put it back together then went to go start my car and instantly knew what I did wrong
  5. doofus
  6. mines not an maf story but when i put teh new intake adapter on i bought to match the 75mm tb i forgot the big set screw to plug up the huge hole in the side of the elbow. I tryed starting it, it was kinda late at night and the car would rev to 3k and die, i figured it was just the new tb so i'd adjust the screw and try again after a few times of that i said forget it. The next day my dad came out to help and he was like whats this which was something else and i fixed it and we kept trying it and it was running stupid after a few tries it stared running normal and he yelss what the **** is this, what the hell goes here holy **** hold on hold on so i shut it off and got out he goes what the **** goes in this hole here i was like what hole he goes this one i was liek oh **** i forgot to put that screw in there he was like it sucked my finger in that hole i had my had up there and you hit the gas and it sucked my finger in look and he had a red ring around his finger up at his first little knuckle thing. I busted out laughing at him he was like freaking amatures. I was like well you should have kept your finger in there it ran great then lol. I laughed at him all day about that it was so funny
  7. ^^^^ that was funny.

    I have one. I was leaving the Wildwood NJ car show and my serpentine breaks on me in stop and go traffic on a Sunday. So I pull over and put the "new" 3 rib serpentine back on the car and drive like 2 hrs before I found a new one to put on it. That sucked.
  8. Yep man know all about that. Its a PITA! I still have mine sitting where its ohh so useful in my room on my speakers. Its taking up lovely room space along with my (thanks Loudtoy958) Dr. Gas X pipe. As well as my Trickflow Street Stage 1 cam on my dresser and my code scanner which is right beside the cam. Heck I NEED TO CLEAN MY ROOM.
    sorry its early which means i can rant about stuff.