Oxford White Color Code?

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  1. Hey, I've noticed there are 2 codes for oxford white, 87-89 is 9L and 90-92 is YO. I'm thinking about painting my car Oxford White.

    Is there any difference in color between these 2 codes?

  2. Yes. One is actually bright white the other is oxford.
  3. Oops! My bad that's interior that it's different. Cross match with dupont is code b8424 for both years
  4. So they will look the same?
  5. According to the current paint manufactured yes. Did ford have a slight ingredient difference between years? I have no idea but I doubt it.
  6. The code for Oxford white is 9L in 87-89. It did change to a slightly brighter white later which is I guess YO.
  7. That's what I thought too. But current manufacturers list both codes as the same for current available paint. Guess you Have to paint the whole thing, no touchups
  8. Mine is a 92, i went with the YO code on the door when I repainted and i couldn't be happier. Its eye popping white, just what i wanted!


    My disgruntled brother. LOL

  9. Who painted that car?
  10. First time, me. LOL

    The final, official, awesome coat - All you son!!!!