oxygen sensor wire extensions vs. longtubes

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by rockin_rick, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. I am getting MAC longtubes, and this of course places the O2 sensors farther away. Most people buy O2 extension wire harnesses for this, but I'd like to simply cut and solder in new wire to extend the wires of the O2 sensors. How much extra length is needed?

    Should I heat wrap the wires? I am considering using DEI cool tube (Summit part #DEI-010414). Any other suggestions?

  2. Sorry I can't tell you how long they need to be but I did what you are doing. Then I went back and wrapped them in duct tape and electrical tape so they would blend in better. Worked fine for me.
  3. If I remember right, I think I added 12"... I had to insulate against heat, I think what you are proposing is fine.
  4. Well I did the solder thing. Then I needed new O2's and bought the extenders from Brothers Performance for $44 (got lazy I guess). Anyway, I bought the same size wire and sheilds from Radio Shack. Cut and soldered in about 12 inches on the passenger and 15 on the drivers. Then covered the four wires with sheild and used a blow dryer to heat wrap it.
  5. i just butt spliced the wires. i added about a foot and a half to each side and used some zipties to keep the wires away from the exhaust as much as possible. who looks under the car anyways :)
  6. Mainly I was wondering just how much to add to make for the best routing of the wires. Perhaps 12" is enough, but if you make it 18", it will tie out of the way of the headers nicely. I also didn't want too much and have it draped all over the place. I would just check it myself, but I don't have the parts yet, and thought that I could get started on something while I was still waiting on engine parts.