OZ back from San Diego....complete with ticket.

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  1. OK, a little teaser first, but let's see if you can guess what Oz got a ticket for. Damn CHiPs!!! Be creative, because it's one hell of a story. More later.
  2. California Penal Code 286.5 ????
  3. You told Paunch and Baker they look gay in their uniform?
  4. You were driving a mini-van and thought you were cool?
  5. :lol: I gotta second that!
  6. you decided that driving excessively fast in the forward direction was too mundane, so you tried driving 85 in a 55 zone backwards?
  7. it's spelled penile.
  8. You got ticketed for driving a vehicle that wasn't up to Kalifornia's emission standards even though you have out of state tags on it! :shrug:
  9. That's funny. Remember my buddy you met (the guy with the vette)? When we were about 7 years old we were on vacation with his family and we were up front in the motorhome being "navigators". His dad was driving and we were looking at the map. We read on the map there was a "Penal Farm" and we could not stop laughin
  10. So that's where they come from...... :rolleyes:
  11. You told the CHP trooper something like, " I donate to the Troopers Ball every year " ,, and then said, uhhh , hey wait a minute,, Troopers dont have balls..." :rlaugh:
  12. lol.
  13. oh yeah, forgot to guess.
    indecent exposure? :shrug:
  14. Oh my, going to have bad dreams now :rolleyes: .
  15. Oh, I just have to do this....

    "Driving at speed which impedes flow of traffic"

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Actually, it's not funny. I got a VERBAL WARNING for this from a CHiPpie at the I-8 off ramp to whatever expressway takes you to Seaworld. I was going 70 at the time and that was the speed at which I was impeding traffic :rolleyes: At least he didn't smell the tequila on my breath! :D

    Still Dreamin'
  16. :eek: Did you pull a MJ and hold a kid out the window.

    :flag: We thank you for your donation, The State needs $. :D

  17. I second the indecent exposure story
  18. OK, Stangdreamin hit the nail on the head, but I must say......"I am innocent!!!"

    We loaded up our new 2004 Buick Century and did the San Diego thing with whale watching, Hard Rock Cafe and Sea World. Had a great time. On the way back, somewhere around Riverside, we got some Burger King and ate in the car. Traffic was slow and I was enjoying my fries while driving. I was driving at 75 MPH (5 over the limit) and noticed a slower car in my lane, so I moved to the far left of the 4 lane highway to pass. I had just got up along side of the other car, when it seemed as if he started to speed up. We were side by side, when I noticed a CHiP bike coming up behind me like a bat outta hell. I slowed somewhat, and moved to the right side of my lane to give the Cop about 6 feet of my lane and the 15 foot wide shoulder to pass me on. I didn't see him fly around me, so I checked my mirror and he had the lights on. I pulled over, and here he came. He was so pissed at me, that he was almost foaming at the mouth. He said he saw me check my mirror and that I knew he was back there. He said that my aggresive driving didn't cut it out here and in fact....he had just come from Colorado and witnessed the same type of driving there. I tried to ask him what the hell he was talking about, but he cut me off asking for my paper work. It seems that he was traveling somewhere in excess of 80 MPH, and had planned to pass between me and the other car, and when I pulled over, he had little time to react and may have soiled his uniform trying to get the bike slowed down. He didn't have his lights on at the time. He was just breaking the law, flying down the highway. In the end, he ticketed me for going 64 in a 70 and empeding traffic. I told him I was speeding at 75, but he was going to write me up for the soiling incident. I asked if he had me on radar and he said no. He didn't have time to pace me to judge my speed. I think he was sooooooo scared that he almost caused an accident, then pissed off, and with his previous Colorado trip, hammered someone driving legally down the highway. Namely ME. Anyone who knows me knows that whatever type an aggresive driver is, I am the exact opposite. This is the first ticket I have received in 23 years. Bastard!!! So, what's this going to cost me???
  19. :nonono: Should not argue with our Chippies.
    I think He wanted to scare you by passing thru,
    Only you got him first. :rlaugh:


  20. I didn't have a chance to argue with him. He was foaming mad and I was very intimidated. And he was packin heat. I must say, that although I didn't see it, he must have done a hell of a job getting that bike slowed down without running into the back of me and still keeping it up on 2 wheels.