OZ back from San Diego....complete with ticket.

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  1. shoot id just protest it, no judge is gonna say 64 in a 70 is empeding traffic.
  2. I may try that. I've read that 30% of the cases get thrown out. The bottom line is HE was breaking the law, and I was too, going 75MPH, but there wasn't any traffic to empeed unless it was the speeding, unsafe CHiPy.
  3. A likely story. The jails are full of "innocent people" ;) ;)

    I still say California Penal Code 286.5
  4. It was a bright, sunny day with record breaking heat your honor. The sunlight and convection currents were reflecting off the road ahead making it difficult to see clearly. I thought my speed was appropriate for the road conditions :D

    EDIT - Especially since I am an out of towner unfamiliar with the area
  5. I know it is my word against his, that's why I believe he came up with something that I can't defend myself with. Radar would have been used against him. I would be fine with the ticket if he had cited me for speeding. I've never seen any law dog that shook up before. I do know that it is illegal for motorcycleists to split the lanes by riding down the paint. If he had his lights on, it would have been different. He is just the perfect example of a prick (with a big brown stain in his shorts) that wears a badge. He is above the law.
  6. Actually, I though that was legal in California.

    EDIT: A quick search came up with this:

    " Here's the text (verbatim) from the CHP's site: "Lane splitting by motorcycles is permissible under California law but must done in a safe and prudent manner." The text used to also include "The motorcycle should be traveling no more than 10 mph faster than surrounding traffic (without exceeding the speed limit) and not come close enough to that traffic to cause a collision." but has since been removed. Perhaps they wanted to give cops more latitude to interpret what they thought was safe so they removed it."

    I'll see if I can find the info on the CHP site.

  7. I'd fight it, I dunno about CA but here in Michigan there is a minumum speed limit on the highways, (55) so long as your over that and under 70 you can't get a ticket unless of course your speeding or doing something else wrong. But thats my .02.
  9. According to my uncle in Oakland.....Causing a CHPie to soil himself is a mandatory jail term.....25 to life!:eek:
    Not to worry, we'll send a cake with a saw in it!
    Remember though....When in the shower DO NOT drop the soap! I'm sure you'll make your cell-mate a good "wife"! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  10. At the time of our parting, I think it was generally understood that I would stay out of California, if the Chipster would not come to Colorado again. I was always taught to yeild to on coming or passing cops and the like and that is all I was doing. It was his reckless manner that caused all of this. Sort of a "self" soiling episode. If I had known that lame brained motorcycle cops rip down the centerline, I would have just ignored him and let him have at it. He's still a BASTARD though.
  11. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :rlaugh:
  12. Not to worry.....there are still 48 other States that would be happy to let you come for a visit!:nice:

    For those of you not up on BIG BLUE FUZZY math, I know 50 - CA = 49, but he lives in CO, so that leaves 48 to VISIT!
  13. You're right. My son got a speeding ticket going UP a steep hill at 5 a.m. going to work. No other cars around. The LA COUNTY SHERIFF had a rider with her (probably a rookie, so she could show off her skills). She said he was speeding, so my son asked her how fast he was going (50 mph speed limit on that hill) and here's the dummest reply I have ever heard. She said I don't know but I had to drive fast to catch up to you. Gee, if she was at a dead stop on a side street (which she admitted to) she would have to speed up just to catch up even if he was going slower than the speed limit, duh. I guess the county must have relaxed the educational requirements to become an officer :rlaugh: .

    Sorry you got a ticket, I'd say welcome to California, but I guess you have your own feelings about our law enforcers, I wouldn't blame you at all.
  14. My brother got a ticket under very similar cirucumstances only his steep hill was right after a sharp (nearly 90*) turn and he was driving a crappy little 4 cyl. He fought it, but the cop & judge were best friends (they went out to lunch together after the hearing).

  15. You cant really impose dislike on Law Enforcement in general over a bad encounter with one. Here in NC, Ive had a friend or 2 (or 3 ) get beaten silly by Police , but I can honestly say i know they deserved it. Ive run across an ******* in uniform before, but most Ive run into have been professional and courteous. As far as the one, well, they are human too, prone to anger, rage, fear, revenge, etc ,just like the rest of us.
  16. Well I sort of agree, BUT if you're in a job/career where you will be interacting with the general public, you should learn to curb your personal feelings when performing your job. I meet customers everyday and don't take out my frustrations on them, even during the worst times of my life. Yes, there are good cops, but unfortunately we only remember the bad ones.
  17. I too have the highest respect for MOST cops. Unfortunately, there are bad ones just like there are bad apples in any part of society. For the most part, I see that some of the bad ones are ex-military types that are aggresive by nature and have a problem controlling their emotions. But where else are you going to stick them. I suppose they could be mercs.
  18. They just see Out of Stater's as a one chance to donate kind of driver. :D

    Or He was trying to recover the cost of cleaning his uniform. :)

    Ya'll come back ya hear.

  19. Well he's a greedy bastard then. I donated over a grand to his state's tourist program, not counting $2.29 for gas. On second thought, I wish I had invited him back to Colorado.
  20. Hmmm, well I feel for ya Oz, I had no idea they could drive between traffic, but unfortunately ignorance of the law is not a valid exscuse.

    I have one question popping into my mind though. OK, so I believe I understand that you basically zigged right a tad to try and allow the officer to pass you on the left, (an unusual move in itself but seems more practical) when you inadvertently made it tougher for him since he was trying to pass you on the right and you practically pinched him, is that right? If so, then that essentially means you would have to still be running baout neck and neck with the other car on your right, correct? So if you were neck and neck, then how could only you be impeeding traffic? Wouldn't the other guy be equally guilty? I think that alone proves that this was out of spite more than the law since you were the zigger of the two. :shrug: