OZ back from San Diego....complete with ticket.

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  1. I was going just a tad bit faster than the other car initially. When I checked my mirror and saw the officer, he was flying up. I slowed, and moved to the right of my lane. It was only then that I noticed that he hadn't passed me on the left. By this time, I was running neck and neck with the other car because of my slowing. I mean, who in the hell would even think a cop would pass in between 2 cars, instead of taking the outside track? And there wasn't any traffic behind me to empeed, unless you include the wreckless driving cop.
  2. I still say:

    California Penal Code 286.5
  3. Ewwwwwww...well he was near the zoo :rolleyes: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:
  4. :lol: Theres a few of these in NC . After all, here in the Carolinas we have Ft Bragg, Cherry Point, Parris Island , Fort Jackson , etc etc. Seems the Federalis loaded up the Carolinas with bases after the civil war to keep us troublemakers in check.. :rlaugh: We still hoot and holler a little though, but a healthy dose of Nascar and fried chicken keeps us happy. There was a national police brutality site that a friend forwarded to me a year or so ago, Charlotte and a place called Havelock NC were in the top 5 . :chair: L.A was there too . Imagine that. Ive never seen that personally out of Charlotte cops though. (friends have) Very professional from what Ive seen.