P-51 tq. and h.p.

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  1. On a lighter note, that is a very pretty intake manifold you got there. I guess I can see both sides. Something has to pay the bills, Two thumbs up for sticking to it.
  2. Well said. Thanks for the info. Waiting for them to come out.


  3. Actually I am looking at getting the P-51 but am still complaining about the price. And no I am not going to buy my heads based on the price of them.
  4. '96&'01Stang
    I wasn't posting that comment for you.........:)
  5. oh OK........When do you think the P-51 is going to be released?
  6. [QUOTE='96&'01Stang]That is what I am saying[/QUOTE]

    What I meant buy pricing your product right was pricing it so people will buy it! Sure some people will buy them, but there are sooooo many more people that could afford a $500.00 Intake, but can't even consider a $1200.00 Intake, and when that $500.00 Intake does come out, that company will own the market!

    I am in no way trying to "dog" anyones product, in fact Fox Lake should be commended for what they have done :nice: I would not hesitate to buy a P-51 Intake for 500 or even 600 dollars, but 1200 is just too much!
  7. no wonder so many of my peers go the import way. 1200 bucks is a ton of cash.
  8. You can only price it according to what it costs you to produce...........if we could produce it for $100 then it sure wouldn't have to be in the $1200 range. The price is stricktly based on production costs. I seriously doubt we will ever see a 2V modular intake for $500...............but if we do, someone has figured out how to design, produce, and sell them for much less than humanly possible. That's kind of like saying I want a brand new $20,000 Ferrari.........it simply costs too much to produce to be able to sell it for that. We wish it didn't cost us so much to produce too, remember what we are investing into this just to make it a reality............
  9. i am not knocking your product and i hope everyone who does in fact buy one is extremely happy. its just that the more i have gotten into modding my car, the more i can understand the people go get imports and modify them. although they are ugly and annoying, they still get the same enjoyment from modding as i do, they just don't pay as much :)
  10. I totally understand....................................and that $1200 just might make one of those imports break into the 16's......
    Just kidding, I had to say it.
  11. hahahahahahhaahha! that is so true. stupid fartcan equipped civics. :nonono:

  12. :rlaugh: C'mon Tim, Cory told me you drive a hoped up Honda Del Sol, and that the mustang you claim to have is his winter beater! :D

    I like the intake, it makes great power, and is STILL cheaper than a bullitt. Good job boys!

  13. Yeah Scott, you' right...............the secret's out. My daily driver "show car" is a sweet pimpin' Honda, with a 9" coffee can muffler wired up with a coat hanger, the springs heated up with a torch so it sits on the ground and rides like a brick, purple and yellow neon lights inside, underneath, and under the hood, and little red lights where my washer nozzles used to be...................oh, and the sides of the car are completely covered with stickers printed in Japanese , but I don't know what they say..............Cory and I are now working on putting an electric leaf blower on the air cleaner inlet powered by a power inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter....he said it should make 10 psi and be worth about 120 hp or so at the flick of a switch. He said he got the idea from you from that famous Yugo project you designed a few years back..................
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. DUDE, I raced your car the other day.

    My lumina kept up pretty good didnt it. :p
  15. Ok,

    Not to Flame anyone but its how my words come across. How many of you people that keep complaining about price and want it dropped to 600-700 dollars have cams? Well? If you are so anxious to buy a p51 for that price why dont you have a set of cams by now...or longtubes?
  16. That is just completely false, A single gay ass fart can muffler goes for $400-$700, we can get a top of the line complete catback with TWO mufflers for $350. In terms of price - Domestic parts < import parts

  17. that is totally untrue. 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' it seems most turbo guys are running without mufflers.
  18. what about cams, turbo kits, handling mods, etc etc. you compared 1 thing. big whoop. :rolleyes:

  19. I already have longtubes. I am getting cams with my tax return, and I would love to pick up a nice $500 intake manifold to round it all out :D
  20. [QUOTE='96&'01Stang]I already have longtubes. I am getting cams with my tax return, and I would love to pick up a nice $500 intake manifold to round it all out :D[/QUOTE]
    you are obviously not included in that comment.:)